A Partial Gottfried [Godfrey] Finger Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Mad Songs Purcell | Eccles | Blow 1. Bess of Bedlam (Henry Purcell); 2. Must then a faithful lover go? (John Eccles); 3. Reason, what art thou? (John Weldon); 4. Oh! Take him gently from the pile (John Eccles); 5. Mad Maudlin (Anon.); 6. From rosy bow'rs (Henry Purcell); 7. Let all be gay (John Eccles); 8. Restless in thought (John Eccles); 9. I burn, my brain consumes to ashes (John Eccles); 10. While I with wounding grief (Godfrey Finger); 11. I'll sail upon the dog-star (Henry Purcell); 12. Morpheus, thou gentle god (Daniel Purcell); 13. Love's but the frailty of the mind (John Eccles); 14. Tom of Bedlam (Anon.); 15. Let the dreadful engines (Henry Purcell); 16. Cease of Cupid to complain (John Eccles); 17. Not all my torments (Henry Purcell); 18. Lysander I pursue in vain (John Blow) Catherine Bott (sop), David Roblou (hpsd & org), Mark Levy (bs viol), Anthony Pleeth (cello), Paula Chateauneuf (archl & gtr),Tom Finucane (archl) L'Oiseau-Lyre 433187-2

Gottfried [Godfrey] Finger