Jean-François Dandrieu


French composer. Both he and his sister Jeanne Françoise were pupils of Moreau; he performed for Mme. Victoire de Bavière before he was five. Served as unofficial organist at St. Merry from 1704 and was formally installed in 1705; followed his uncle Pierre as organist at St. Barthélemy (so mentioned in a 1710 print, though Pierre formally held the post until 1733); became one of the royal chapel organists in 1721. Highly regarded as a harpsichord composer, he issued several books of suites beginning about 1704 (many of the later pieces are revisions of earlier ones), and also produced trio sonatas, organ noëls (some of which may be the work of his uncle Pierre Dandrieu, d. 1733), and airs.

A Partial Discography of Jean-François Dandrieu | VIIB: At the Court of Louis XIV | The Research Periods
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