Jean-Henri D'Anglebert

(1635 - 1691)

French composer. Served as organist to the Duke of Orléans and to the Jacobins in the rue St. Honoré; appointed ordinaire de la chambre du Roy pour le clavecin in 1662, succeeding Chambonnières, and remained in the post until his death, though his son was named as his successor in 1674. His collection Pièces de clavecin (Paris, 1689) established him as the major clavecinist before Couperin ; it contains four suites (each with an unmeasured prelude and with dance movements in the order allemande-courante-sarabande-gigue) along with keyboard arrangements of overtures, airs, and dances by Lully ; the publication also includes a short treatise on harmony and the most detailed table of ornaments from the period.

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