Louis Marchand


French organist and composer. Born in Lyons, he was already the organist of Nevers Cathedral by the age of 14. Sometime before 1689 he moved to Paris and by 1691 was at Auxerre Casthedral, the Jesuit church in the rue St Jacques; he also held posts at St Benoît and the Cordeliers. In 1708 he became an organiste du roi and he undertook an extensive performing tour of Germany in 1713. A renowned virtuoso player, there are many stories about him and his difficult personality. It is alleged that was due to compete against J.S. Bach in an improvisation competition bu that he backed down at the last moment, Bach winning by default, Another story recalls that he was banished from Paris after walking out of a Royal Masds in protest because he had not been paid. He published his Premier Livre d'Orgue in 1700 and a further 42 pieces exist in manuscript at Versailles which have been ordered into four more Livres d'Orgue by key.

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