Francesco Bianchi

(ca. 1752 - 1810)

Theorist and composer, chiefly of operas. At Naples he studied with Jommelli and Caffaro. His first opera, Giulio Sabino,was produced in Cremona in 1772; during the next 35 years he composed more than eighty operas, often traveling to Naples, Florence, Venice, or Paris to oversee or conduct performances. From 1785 to 1797 he was an organist at St. Mark's, Venice; there he also helped reorganize the diocesan archive. He composed a few oratorios, cantatas, Masses, and instrumental works. He authored or coauthored five theoretical treatises; all remained in manuscript except for the Trattato d'armonia teorico pratico, excerpted (trans. Frig.) in Quarterly Musical Review 2 (L 1820): 22, 172, 296, 434; and 3 (1821): 96.

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