José (Melchor de) Nebra (Blasco)

(1702 -- 1768)

Spanish composer. In 1724 he became principal organist of the Descalzas Reales convent and the royal chapel in Madrid; was named deputy music director and head of the royal choir school in 1751. During the years 1723-30 and 1737-51 Nebra composed nearly sixty stage works (to secular and sacred librettos) that were performed to critical acclaim in Madrid and Lisbon; all include spoken dialogue. He was commissioned (along with Literes) to compose sacred music when the archives of the royal chapel were destroyed by fire in 1734, contributing seven Salve Regina settings, nineteen Masses, and fourteen orchestral Lamentations, among other works. In 1758 he composed a Requiem Mass with strings and flutes for Queen Maria Bárbara.

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