Santiago de Murcia

(ca. 1682 - ca. 1740)

Spanish composer, theorist and guitarist. Probably born in Madrid and is believed to have died in Mexico. He may have studied with Francisco Guerau, music master at the royal choir school from 1693 and at the royal chapel, 1696­1700, another guitar composer. During the first decade of the 18th century he became guitar teacher to Queen Marķa Luisa Gabriela, the young wife of Felipe V, who also employed Antonio de Murcia (probably Santiago's brother) as her personal guitar maker. He probably journeyed first to France, Belgium or Holland and arrived in Mexico some time between 1718 and 1731. De Murcia's music is for five-course guitar and used tablature as opposed to staff notation. He was among the last to use re-entrant tunings, with the lowest string placed in the middle

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