Domenico Natale Sarro [Sarri]

(1679 - 1744)

Italian composer. He studied at the Neapolitan conservatory S. Onofrio, and in 1704 was appointed vicemaestro di cappella of the Neapolitan court. As a result of the Austrian invasion of Naples, he lost this position in 1707. In 1720 he was promised two posts when they became vacant: maestro di cappella to the city of Naples, which he obtained in 1728; and vicemaestro di cappella at court, which he regained in late October 1725. At Mancini's death in 1737 he was appointed maestro di cappella at court. Primarily a composer of operas; his most significant works were produced between 1718 and 1725. Didone abbandonata (1724) is particularly noteworthy because it is the earliest setting of Metastasio's first major libretto. During his time Sarro's fame was limited abroad because he confined his activities to Naples. His reputation as an innovator has suffered from seemingly unfounded accusations that he copied Vinci's style.

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