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A Partial John Abraham Fisher Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Syrens, Enchanters and Fairies 18th Century Overtures from the London Stage 1.The Fairies: Overture (J. C. Smith); 2. The Fairies: March (J. C. Smith); 3. The Sirens: Overture (J. A. Fisher); 4. Thomas and Sally: Overture (Thomas Arne); 5. The Maid of the Mill (Erskine); 6. The Enchanter: Overture (J. C. Smith); 7. The Enchanter: Dead March (J. C. Smith); 8. The Guardian Outwitted: Overture (Thomas Arne); 9. The Tempest: Overture (J. C. Smith); 10. The Overture: Hornpipe (J. C. Smith); 11. Atatterxes: Overture (Thomas Arne) Capella Savaria dir. Mary Térey-Smith Dorian DOR-93251

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