John Keeble

(c1711 - 1786)

English composer and organist. A former chorister of Chichester Cathedral, he became the second organist of St George's, Hanover Square, in 1744, but did not receive full pay until after Thomas Roseingrave's death in 1766. He was appointed as Roseingrave's assistant, succeeding to the full post when Roseingrave retired to Ireland. Keeble published four volumes of 'Select Pieces for the Organ' in 1777 - 8, though they are the product of a much longer time span. As Robin Langley writes 'He was the first English organ composer to construct large-scale pieces in several inter-connected movements, and the first to make a distinguished contribution to decorative writing in the Rococo style'. Keeble also published songs and a book on the Theory of Harmonics.

VIIJ: Music in Britain after 1730