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A Partial Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach 7 Symphonies 1, Symphony No. 1 in F; 2. Symphony No. 2 in B flat; 3. Symphony No. 3 in D minor; 4. Symphony No. 4 in E; 5. Symphony No. 6 in C; 6. Symphony No. 10 in E flat; 7. Symphony No. 20m in B flat Cologne Chamber Orchestra dir. Helmut MŸler-BrŸhl Nonesuch H 73027 (LP)
Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach Die Auferweckung Lazarus (The Resurrection of Lazarus) Oratorio Borst. Finilä, Ramirez, Hutenlocher, Kermel, Ensemble Vocal de Valence, Orchestre Jean François Paillard dir. Jean François Paillard Erato STU 71284 (LP)

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