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A Partial Johann Gottfried Müthel Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
C. P. E. Bach • J.G. Müthel Keyboard Music in the Empfindsamer Style 1. Württemberg Sonata No. 6 in Bminor Wq 49/6 H36 (C.P.E. Bach); 2. Arioso and 12 Variations in G Major (Johann Gottfried Müthel); 3. Arioso and 12 Variations in C minor (Johann Gottfried Müthel); 4. Variations on Folies d'Espagne, Wq118/9 H263 (C.P.E. Bach) Preethi de Silva (hpsd, fp) FHR FHR28

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