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A Partial Franz Xaver Richter Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Die Mannheimer Schule Music of the Early Classical Era 1. Symphony in B flat major (Franz Xaver Richter); 2. Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in E minor (Franz Xaver Richter); 3. Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in C major (Johann Stamitz); 4. Orchestral Trio op. 1, No.5 in B flat major (Johann Stamitz); 5. Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra in G major (Anton Filtz); 6. Sinfonia concertante in A major (Ignaz Holzbauer); 7. Symphony op. 4, No. 3 in E flat (Ignaz Holzbauer); 8. Sinfonia concertante in C major (Christian Cannabich); 9. Symphony in B flat major (Christian Cannabich); 10. Concerto for Oboe und Orchestra D minor (Ludwig August Lebrun) Camerata Bern dir.Thomas Thomas Füri Archiv 2723 068(LP)

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