Caspar Othmayr

(1515 -1553)


German composer. A student at Heidelberg University from 1533 and pupil of Lemlin there, he was a schoolmaster at Heilsbronn, nr. Ansbach, from 1545 and briefly held ecclesiastical posts in Ansbach 1547-8 before going to Nürnberg. With Senfl and Hofhaimer, he raised the German polyphonic song to a new level of artistic achievement and sophistication; he was the foremost German composer of the generation after Senfl, and a Lutheran. He wrote about 230 pieces, all but two of them vocal, in most sacred and secular genres of his time, except the Mass. Most of his works are based on pre-existing melodies. Many of his songs were included in the anthologies of his fellow-student Forster, and his style was fresher and less conservative than that of some of his contemporaries.

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