Jacques Moderne

(? - ca. 1561)

French music publisher, born in Slovenia. Active in Lyons from 1523. His press issued books of many sorts but concentrated from 1532 on music. For years he and Pierre Attaingnant, whose first book came out in 1528, were the only music publishers active in France. Moderne concentrated on newly composed music and thus produced the first (and in many instances only) prints of the approximately 800 pieces he publ;ished. He published works not only by the local circle of composers but also by the Parisians and major figures like Gombert, Morales and other papal musicians; his output was notably more cosmopolitan than that of Attaingnant. His largest series was Le paragon des chansons (eleven volumes, 1538-43), his most famous together with Motteti del fiori (four volumes); his Musique de Joye was a collection of ricercars and dance music. He also published books of motets, chansons, Masses, noëls, and instrumental music also came from his press.

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