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A Partial Jakob Handl (Gallus) Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Gombert ° Willaert Ave Regina - Motets 1. Ave Regina (Gombert); 2. O pulcherrima mulierum (Arcadelt); 3. Ave Regina (Willaert); 4. In convertendo (Willaert); 5. Ego flos campi (Clemens non Papa); 6. Pastores loquebantor (Clemens non Papa); 7. O altitudo divitiarum (de Rore); 8. Canite tubia in Sion (Handl); 9. Ave Maria (Handl); 10. Laudate Dominum (de Monte); 11. O suavitas et dulcedo (de Monte) Pro Cantione Antiqua, Londondir. Bruno Turner Archiv 2533 361 (LP)

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