Massimo Troiano

(early 16th century - ?)

>Italian composer and poet. Probably a pupil of Nola at Naples; worked from 1560 in Augsburg, Treviso and Venice, and by 1568 was at the Bavarian court in Munich. He wrote the poems for Lassus' madrigal comedy La cortegiana inamorata, performed at Duke Wilhelm's wedding in 1568, and also designed the scenery and acted in the production, but in 1570 he became involved in a murder case and fled from Munich, after which all trace of him disappears. He published four volumes of Neapolitan songs, edited an anthology of music by Munich composers and wrote an account of the 1568 wedding festivities.

IVK: Orlandus Lassus and Catholic Polyphony in late 16th Century Germany | IVO: Sacred Music in the Italian Cinquecentooutside Venice and Rome