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A Partial Cuthbert Hely Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Lord Herbert of Cherbury's Lute Book 1. Fantasia; 2. Fantasia; 3. Fantasia; 4. Sarabrand; ; others by Batchelar, Robert Johnson; Gaultier, etc. Paul O'Dette (l) Harmonia Mundi HMT 7907068
Lawes Songs By Henry & William Lawes 1. Gather your rosebuds while you may (William Lawes); 2. A Tale out of Anacreon (Henry Lawes); 3. Oh, that joy so soon should waste (Henry Lawes); 4. Sweet, stay awhile; why do you rise? (Henry Lawes); 5. Monsieur Saman his Coranto (René Saman); 6. Amarillis, by a spring (Henry Lawes); 7. Oh, let me still and silent lie (William Lawes); 8. Oh, my Clarissa, thou cruel fair (William Lawes); 9. From the heav'ns now I fly (Henry Lawes); 10 Corant from The Royall Consort (William Lawes); 11. Sweet Echo, sweetest nymph that liv'st unseen (Henry Lawes); 12. Country Dance (William Lawes); 13 Oh sweet woods, the delight of solitariness (Henry Lawes); 14 Tavola: In quel gelato core una voce (Henry Lawes); 15 Loves Sweet Repose: Amidst the myrtles as I walk (Henry Lawes); 16. No Reprieve: Now, now Lucasia, now make haste (Henry Lawes); 17. Fantasia (Cuthbert Hely); 18. Slide soft, you silver floods (Henry Lawes); 19 Saraband (Cuthbert Hely); 20. When shall I see my captive heart? (Henry Lawes); 21. Alman for two lutes (William Lawes); 22. Corant for two lutes (William Lawes); 23. A Dreame: I laid me down upon a pillow soft (William Lawes); 24. Corant for two lutes (William Lawes); 25. The Angler's Song: Man's life is but vain, for 'tis subject to pain (Henry Lawes); 26. When man for sin thy judgment feels (William Lawes); 27. A Pastoral Elegie: Cease you jolly shepherds (Henry Lawes) Robin Blaze (ct), Elizabeth Kenny (l), with Rebecca Outram (sop), Robert MacDonald (b), William Carter (l, gtr, theorbo), Frances Kelly (double harp) Hyperion CDA67589
How The World Wags Social music for a 17th-century Englishman 1. JAMAICA or The Jovial Broom Man, or a Kent Soldier's exact relation of all his Travels in Every Nation, his Famous Acts are all Shown Here as in this Story doth appear (Anon.) 2. GALLIARD (Maurice Webster) 3. WHO LIVETH SO MERRY (Thomas Ravenscroft) 4. THE SAINT TURNED SINNER or The Dissenting Parson's Text Under the Quaker's Petticoats (Anon.) 5. AYRE from Little Consort Suite No 1 in G minor (Matthew Locke) 6. MARTIN SAID TO HIS MAN (Thomas Ravenscroft) 7. THE MILLER OF DEE (Anon.) 8. PACKINGTON'S POUND (Anon.) 9. POX ON YOU FOR A FOP (Henry Purcell) 10. THE HUNT IS UP (John Bennet) 11. ALMAIN (Cuthbert Hely) 12. THE JOLLY BARBER or The Barber fitted by a Wanton Miss of the Town (Anon.) 13. AS I WALKED FORTH or The Deceased Maiden Lover (Robert Johnson) 14. SELDOM CLEANLY to the tune 'Upon a Summer's Time' (Martin Parker) 15. SONATA IN G (William Croft) 16. TOMORROW THE FOX WILL COME TO TOWN (Thomas Ravenscroft) 17. THE WINCHESTER WEDDING (Thomas D'Urfey) 18. SARABAND from Little Consort Suite No 2 in C major (Matthew Locke) 19. GATHER YOUR ROSEBUDS (William Lawes) 20. A BELLMAN'S SONG (Thomas Ravenscroft) The City Waites Helios CDH55013

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