A Partial Tobias Hume Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Captaine Tobias Hume Musicall Humors 1605 1. Captaine Humes Pavin (#46); 2. A Souldiers Galliard (#48); 3. The Duke of Holstones Almaine (#6); 4. My hope is decayed (#7); 5. Loves farewell (#47); 6. Harke, harke (#10); 7. Good againe (#14); 8. Death (#12); 9. Life (#13); 10. Touch me lightly (#38); 11. Beccus an Hungarian Lord his delight (#95); The second part (#96); 12. A Souldiers Resolution (#11); 13. A Pavin (#42) Jordi Savall Astrée Naïve ES 9919
Tobias Hume Captain Humes Poeticall Musicke (1607)
Music for Viols, Lute & Voice Volume 1
1. Cease leaden slumber (The Queenes New-yeares gift);
2. The King of Denmarkes delight;
3. A Mery Conceit (The Q delight);
4. My hope is revived (The Lady of Suffolkes delight);
5. My joyes are comming (The Lady of Bedfords delight);
6. Musicke and Mirth (The Lady Hattons delight);
7. The Earle of Mountgomeries delight);
8. Start (The Lady of Sussex delight);
9. An Almaine (The Lady Canes delight);
10. An Almaine (The Duke of Holstones delight, The Dukes Almaine);
11. A Maske (The Earl of Sussex Delight);
12. A French Almaine (The Duke of Lenox Delight);
13. An Almaine (M.S. Georges Delight);
14. What greater griefe;
15. Sweete Musicke (The Earle of Salisburies favoret)
Daniel Taylor (ct); Les Voix Humaines: Susie Napper (bar cel, v da g), Margaret Little (bar vln, viols, v da g); Réjean Poirier (org, hpsd); Paul Audet, Stephen Stubbs (l), Francis Colpron (rec) Naxos 8.554126
Tobias Hume Captain Humes Poeticall Musicke (1607)
Music for Viols, Lute & Voice Volume 2
1. The State of Gambo (The Earl of Worcesters favoret);
2.The virgins muse (The Lady Arbellaes favoret);
3.Sweet ayre (The Earl of Arundels favoret);
4.Musickes delight (The Earl of Southamptons favoret);
5.The Earle of Pembrookes Galiard);
6.A Spanish humor (The Lord Hays favoret);
7.The Spirit of Gambo (The Lord Dewys favoret);
8.The Passion for Musicke (Sir Christopher Hattons choice);
9.The King of Denmarkes health;
10.The Hunting Song
Daniel Taylor (ct); Les Voix Humaines: Susie Napper (bar cel, v da g), Margaret Little (bar vln, viols, v da g); Réjean Poirier (org, hpsd); Paul Audet, Stephen Stubbs (l), Francis Colpron (rec) Naxos 8.554127
Musickes Sweetest Joyes Simpson | Dowland | Hume | Locke 1. Prelude in D (Christopher Simpson); 2. Divisions on a Ground (Simpson); 3. Prelude in e minor (Simpson); 4. Divisions on a Ground (Simpson); 5. A Pavin (Robert Jones); 6. Coranto (Corkine); 7. The Punckes Delight (Corkine); 8. A Pavin (Corkine); 9. Coranto (Corkine); 10. "Cease Leaden Slumber" (Hume); 11. Goode againe (Hume); 12. "What greater griefe" (Hume); 13. A Polish Ayre (Hume); 14. "Fain would I change that note" (Hume); 15. Preludium (Dowland); 16. "Go nightly cares" (Dowland); 17. (A piece without a title)(Dowland); 18. Coranto (Dowland); 19. "Lasso mia vita" (Dowland); 20. "Like hermit poor" (Lanier); 21. Suite in C minor/Major (Locke) Johanette Zomer (s); Peter Kooij (b), Mieneck van der Velden, Jaap ter Linden (v da g), Fred Jacobs (l) Channel Classics CCS 21204
Captain Humes Poeticall Musicke Pub. 1607 1. The Lady of Sussex Delight; 2. The Souldiers Song; 3. Tabacco; etc.  Kirkby, Pandolfo, Balestracci, etc. Glossa GCD 920402
The Spirite of Musicke Viols and Voice 1. Touch Me Sweetly; 2. Cease Leaden Slumber; 3. The Spirite of Musicke; 4. Sweet Ayre; 5. What Greater Griefe; and works by Coperario, Jenkins, Ferrabosco, Simpson Suzie Le Blanc (s); Les Voix Humaines ATMA ACD 2 2136
The Spirit of Gambo English Consort and Solo Viol Music 1570-1680 1. Sit Fast (Tye); 2. Lachrimae Gementes (Dowland); 3. The Earle of Essex Galliarde (Dowland); 4. Harke, harke (Hume); 5. A Souldiers Resolution ( Hume); 6. Fantasia V (Coprario); 7. Almaine III (Coprario); 8. Coranto (Coprario); 9. Fantasie X (Gibbons); 10. In Nomine (Gibbons); 11. Almaine (Ferrabosco II); 12. Coranto I (Ferrabosco II); 13. Coranto II (Ferrabosoco II); 14. The bell Pavan (Jenkins); 15. Walsingham (Corkine); 16. The Punckes delight (Corkine); 17. Suite No. II in D minor-major (Locke); 18. The Lancashire Pipes (Anon.); 19. Fantasia IX (Purcell); 20. Fantasia upon one note (Purcell) Hesperion XXdir.Jordi Savall Fontalis ES 9913
Simpson | Jenkins | Lawes | Purcell | Tomkins Two upon a Ground 1. Division in A (Simpson); 2. Division in F (Simpson); 3. Voluntary (Tomkins); 4. Division in F (Simpson); 5. Division in C (Finger); 6. Division in C (Jenkins); 7. La Pompe Funèbre (Ennemond Gaultier); 8. Fantazia (Locke); 9. Courant (Locke); 10. Division in G (Simpson); 11. Sonata solo in G (Finger); 12. Loves farewell (Hume); 13. Suite in g (Lawes); 14. Prelude (Tomkins); 15. What if a day (Tomkins); 16. Worster Brawls (Tomkins); 17. Pavan (Hume); 18. Two in one upon a ground (Purcell); 19. Division in A (Jenkins) Charivari Agréable: Susanne Heinrich (viols), Kah-Ming Ng (keyboard), Linda Sayce (lutes), with Susanna Pell (viols) Signum SIGCD007
Private Musick English Chamber Music In The Time of the Stuarts 1. I Am Melancholy; 2. The Passion of Musick; 3. An almain; other works by Blow, Locke, Purcell  Les Boréades ATMA ACD2-2132
Heavenly Noyse English Music For Mixed Consort From The Golden Age 1. Sweet Musicke; 2. The King of Denmark's Delight;other works by Byrd, Dowland, Campion, Morley, Allison, Holborne, Phillips, Lupo etc. Dowland Consort dir.Jakob Lindberg (l) Bis CD-451
The Spirit of Gambo English consort and solo viol music 1570-1680 1. Harke, harke; 2. A Souldiers Resolution; other works by Tye, Dowland, Gibbons, Coprario, Ferrabosco II, Jenkins, Locke, Purcell, Corkine Hesperion XX, Jordi Savall Astrée ES 9913
A Musicall Dreame Duets from 'A Musicall Dreame' (Fourth Book of Ayres, 1609) by (Robert Jones) 1. Though your strangeness frets my heart (Robert Jones); 2. Sweet Kate (Robert Jones); 3. Once did I serve a cruel heart (Robert Jones); 4. A Spanish Humour (The Lord Hayes'Favourite) (Tobias Hume); 5. Will said to his mammy (Robert Jones); 6. Hark!Hark! (Tobias Hume); 7. Hark!Wot ye what? (Robert Jones); 8. My complaining is but feigning (Robert Jones); 9. The King of Denmark's Health (Tobias Hume); 10. On a time in summer season (Robert Jones); 11. Farewell, fond youth (Robert Jones); 12. Lachrimae Pavan John Dowland; 13. Grief of my best love's absenting (Robert Jones); 14. Giles Farnaby's Dream (Giles Farnaby); 15. His Rest (Giles Farnaby); 16. And is it night? Are they thine eyes that shine? (Robert Jones); 17. Farnaby’s Conceit (Giles Farnaby); 18. His Humour (Giles Farnaby); 19. Ite caldi sospiri (Robert Jones); 2O. Intenerite, voi (Angelo Notari); 21. Flow my tears (John Dowland); 22. In darkness let me dwell (John Coprario); David Cordier, Michael Chance (ct), Tragicomedia dir. Stephen Stubbs Hyperion CDA 66335
Florid-song und Gambenmusik in England um 1610-1660 1. Tobacco; other works by Coperario, Gibbons, Weelkes, Campion, Locke ; Studio Der Frühen Musik Das Alte Werke SAWT 9472-A(LP)
Renaissance of the Cittern 1. A Jigge For Ladies; and other works by Dowland, Simpson, Holborne, Taverner, etc. The Festival Consort Musical Heritage Society MHS 1891 (LP)
What Pleasures Have Great Princes Sacred and Secular Favorites from the Court of Elizabeth I 1. Touch Me Lightly; 2. Tickle Me Quickly; other works by Byrd, Dowland, Holborne, Allison, Morley, Cutting, Batchelar, Danyel, Allison, etc.; The London Early Music Group dir. James Tyler RCA CRL2-2794 (LP)
Musicke Of Sundrie Kindes 1. Musick and Mirth; others on 4-LP set The Consort of Musickedir.Anthony Rooley L'Oiseau Lyre DSLO 203-6(LP)
English Ayres and Duets sung in authentic Elizabethan pronunciation 1. Tobacco, tobacco; others by Dowland, Ferrabosco II, Campion, Danyel, Pilkington. Jones The Camerata of London Hyperion A66003 (LP)
John Maynard The XII Wonders of the World 1611 : Character Songs 1. Tobacco, tobacco; others by Maynard, Campion, Ravenscroft, Johnson (?), Parsons The Consort of Musicke dir.Anthony Rooley L'Oiseau-Lyre DSLO 545 (LP)

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