Clement Lanier

(ca. 1575 - 1659)

English musician, recorder player, son of Nicholas Lanier, the Elder, hence uncle of Nicholas Lanier, the artist-musician. Clement Lanier was Gentleman of the King' s Chamber to James I and Charles I--that title was often afforded musicians and actors--of the day. Musician in Ordinary on recorders 1625; King's musician of wind instruments 1633-42. Clement Lanier and Hannah Collett married in March of 1628 at St. Margaret's, Lee. When Charles I was executed, the Laniers suffered financial setbacks and hardships while they supported the Prince of Wales (later Charles II) and his struggles to regain the throne. Clement' s cousin Nicholas Lanier (son of John and Frances) had assembled a great art collection for their sovereign Charles I. During the Protectorate, the collection was dispersed at auction. Clement and his brother Jerome were able to purchase some of the paintings.After the Restoration, the Laniers were able to regain some of their fortunes. He was Musician for the flute 1660-62. Clement and Hannah are the progenitors of both the American line of Laniers and the Barbados line.

IVM: England Through 1635