A Partial Stephen Nau Discography

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A High Priz'd Noise Violin Music for Charles I 1. The Prince's Alman (Robert Johnson); 2. The Peince's Coranto (Robert Johnson); 3. Air in G minor (Robert Johnson); 4. Fantasia in G minor for three trebles (Robert Johnson); 5. The Temporiser (Robert Johnson); 6. The Witty Wanton (Robert Johnson); 7. Pavan in C major (Alfonso Ferrabosco II); 8. Alman in C major (Alfonso Ferrabosco II); 9. Alman in D minor (Maurice Webster); 10. Galliard in B flat major after Bocquet (Maurice Webster); 11. Echo No. 1 in D minor (Maurice Webster); 12. Echo No. 2 in G major (Maurice Webster); 13. Allamanda (Stephen Nau); 14. Galliarde (Stephen Nau); 15. Courante I (Stephen Nau); 16. Courante II (Stephen Nau); 17. Courante III (Stephen Nau); 18. Courante IV (Stephen Nau); 19. Sarabande (Stephen Nau); 20. Variations on the Ruggiero (Angelo Notari); 21. Alman in D major 'for the Violins of 2 Trebles' (William Lawes); 22. Ballet in F major (Stephen Nau); 23. Air in C minor (William Lawes); 24. Air in C minor (WilliamLawes); 25. Air in C major (William Lawes); 26. Air in C major (William Lawes); 27. Pavan in D minor (Stephen Nau); 28. Galliard in D minor (Stephen Nau) The Parley of Instruments Renaissance Violin Banddir. Peter Holman Hyperion CDA66806

Stephern Nau |  IV M: England Through 1635
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