Stephen [Etienne] Nau [Naw, Noe]

(c.1600 - 1661)

French violinist and composer. He was enrolled at the University of Leiden as a musician on June 11, 1627. Later that year he entered the Chapel Royal of Charles I as a violinist. On April 26, 1628 he was appointed composer for the violins, as successor to Thomas Lupo ("The Elder"). In 1627-41 his name frequently appears in the Lord Chamberlain's records. His court duties also included the purchase of string instruments from France. In 1631 he was one of fourteen musicians constituting the King's Musick. He was one of fifteen violinists who played for James Shirley's masque The Triumph of Peaceon February 3, 1634. His dances were probably performed at Queen Christina's court in Stockholm in 1653 and 1654 by the English musicians of Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke. A pavan, galliards, allemandes, courantes and a saraband by him are extant in MS, as is a five-part 'ballet'. Some dances ascribed to 'Noë" may be Naudé's work.

A Simon Nau joined the Chapel Royal on September 16, 1638, and is possibly related to Stephen Nau. After the Restoration in 1660, both Stephen and Simon were superseded as violinists in the chapel, but Stephen was appointed lutenist on July 14, 1660.

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