Thomas Lupo ("The Elder")


English musician and violinist. Son of Joseph Lupo. Father of Theophilus. Court violin consort (unpaid)1588-91. He received his first paid appointment, to replace Francesco de Venice in May, 1591, and was given an appointment for life by a warrant dated May 4, 1592. Court violin consort 1588-1627. Violinist at Funeral of Queen Elizabeth I, 1603. Musician to the King 1603-1627. Violinist in Prince Henry's Household 1610-12. Violinist in Prince Charles' Household 1617-25. Composer for the violins, a newly created post, 1620-27; suceeded by Stephen [Etienne] Nau [Naw, Noe]

There were in fact at least two and possibly three musicians active during the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries in England under the name Thomas Lupo. We know relatively little of any of them, except that there were two Thomas Lupos in court service in the early seventeenth century,the other being Thomas Lupo, Jr, son of Peter Lupo. In particular we do not know with certainty which of them is the composer of some eighty viol consorts, including fantasias and In nomines, that have survived attributed to Thomas Lupo, though Jennings concludes that most of the surviving works were written by Joseph's son, attributing differences in style to the evolution of the elder composer's technique rather than two composers. There also some anthems, motets and songs attributed to a Thomas Lupo. Works include : Oberon by Ben Jonson (1611); Love Freed from Ignorance and Folly by Ben Jonson (1611); The Lords' Masque by Campion (1613).

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