A Partial Thomas Ravenscroft Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
The Cries of London   1. The Cries of London I & II (Orlando Gibbons); 2. New Fashions (William Cobbold); 3. Fantasia a 4 for the Great Dooble-Base (Orlando Gibbons); 4. The Cries of London (Thomas Weelkes); 5. Fantasia No.1 in 6 parts (Richard Dering); 6. The City Cries (Richard Dering); 7. Go from my Window (Orlando Gibbons); 8. In the merry month of May / Corydon would kiss her then (Michael East); 9. Sweet Muses / Aye me / My peace and my pleasure(Michael East); 10. The Three Ravens (Thomas Ravenscroft); 11. The Country Cries (Richard Dering) Theatre of Voices, Fretwork Harmonia Mundi HMU 907214
The Singing Club Ravenscroft, Lawes, Purcell, Arne 1. A round of three country dances in one (Thomas Ravenscroft); 2. There were three ravens (Thomas Ravenscroft); 3. Call George again, boys (John Hilton); 4. Drink tonight of the moonshine bright (William Lawes); 5. She weepeth sore in the night (William Lawes); 6. Dainty fine aniseed water (William Lawes ); 7. Where the bee sucks, there suck I (John Wilson); 8. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may (William Lawes); 9. Tis women makes us love, Z 281 (Henry Purcell); 10. Sir Walter enjoying his damsel, Z 273 (Henry Purcell); 11. Inigo Jones (Anon.); 12. Epitaph (Jonathan Battishill); 13. The Singing Club (Thomas Augustine Arne ); 14. Foresters sound the cheerful horn (Henry Bishop); 15. To soften care (Thomas Augustine Arne); 16. To Anacreon in Heaven (John Stafford Smith); 17. Elegy on the death of Mr. Shenstone (Thomas Augustine Arne); 18. Much Ado about Nothing: Sigh no more, ladies (Thomas Augustine Arne); 19. There is a paradise on earth (Robert Lucas Pearsall); 20. O who will o'er the downs so free (Robert Lucas Pearsall); 21. Sweet and Low (Joseph Barnby) The Hilliard Ensemble dir. Paul Hillier Harmonia Mundi HMA 1951153
How The World Wags Social music for a 17th-century Englishman 1. JAMAICA or The Jovial Broom Man, or a Kent Soldier's exact relation of all his Travels in Every Nation, his Famous Acts are all Shown Here as in this Story doth appear (Anon.) 2. GALLIARD (Maurice Webster) 3. WHO LIVETH SO MERRY (Thomas Ravenscroft) 4. THE SAINT TURNED SINNER or The Dissenting Parson's Text Under the Quaker's Petticoats (Anon.) 5. AYRE from Little Consort Suite No 1 in G minor (Matthew Locke) 6. MARTIN SAID TO HIS MAN (Thomas Ravenscroft) 7. THE MILLER OF DEE (Anon.) 8. PACKINGTON'S POUND (Anon.) 9. POX ON YOU FOR A FOP (Henry Purcell) 10. THE HUNT IS UP (John Bennet) 11. ALMAIN (Cuthbert Hely) 12. THE JOLLY BARBER or The Barber fitted by a Wanton Miss of the Town (Anon.) 13. AS I WALKED FORTH or The Deceased Maiden Lover (Robert Johnson) 14. SELDOM CLEANLY to the tune 'Upon a Summer's Time' (Martin Parker) 15. SONATA IN G (William Croft) 16. TOMORROW THE FOX WILL COME TO TOWN (Thomas Ravenscroft) 17. THE WINCHESTER WEDDING (Thomas D'Urfey) 18. SARABAND from Little Consort Suite No 2 in C major (Matthew Locke) 19. GATHER YOUR ROSEBUDS (William Lawes) 20. A BELLMAN'S SONG (Thomas Ravenscroft) The City Waites Helios CDH55013
John Maynard The XII Wonders of the World 1611 : Character Songs 1. Yonder comes a courteous knight; others by Maynard, Hume, Campion, Johnson (?), Parsons The Consort of Musicke dir.Anthony Rooley L'Oiseau-Lyre DSLO 545 (LP)

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