John Redford

(c.1486 - 1547)

English organist and composer. Almoner [Elemosinarius] of St Paul's Cathedral 1525?-47, possibly also assistant organist from about 1525. Organist and Vicar-Choral of St Paul's Cathedral in succession to Thomas Hickman 1532-47. Te Deum sung at St Paul's Cathedral for the birth of Prince Edward (Oct. 13, 1537). Redford was also one of the main contributors to the Mulliner Book, and Mulliner may have been a pupil or other associate. All his organ music is liturgical; some is relatively vocal in style, but other pieces make full use of a 4 1/2 octave keyboard, contain much imitation and idiomatic ornamentation, and require great technical skill. A motetà 4 of his, Christus resurgensis written in cantus-firmus style. He also wrote songs for and produced dramatic entertainments at court, including the celebrated 'Play of Wyt and Science,(1538) which does not survive in complete form.

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