A Partial John Redford Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
The English Harpsichord   1. Eterne Rex Altissime; Igor Kipnis (h) Angel SB-3816 (LP)
Madrigale und Orgelmusik der Englischen Renaissance   1. Salvator with meane; 2. Christe qui lux es; 3. Eterne rex altissime; 4. Glorificamus; 5. unknown title; 6. O lux with a meane; others by Carleton, Tallis, Tomkins, Gibbons, Tye, Weelkes, Edwards, Byrd, Shelbye, Dowland, Blitheman, Morley The London Ambrosian Singersdir.John McCarthy Polyhymnia 1995 (LP)

John Redford |  IV M: England Through 1635