A Partial Ferdinando Richardson Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Ferdinando Richardson Complete Works for Harpsichord 1. Pavane and Variation in D minor (Richardson); 2. Galliard and Variation in D minor (Richardson); 3. Pavane and Variation in G Major/minor (Richardson); 4. Galliard and Variation in G minor (Richardson); 5. Pavane in A minor (Richardson); 6. Galliard in A minor (Richardson); 7. Allemande (Richardson); 8. Pavane and Galliard for lute in D minor (Morley, arr. Richardson); 9. Fantasia (Ferrabosco I, arr. anon.); 10. Lullaby, my sweet little baby (Byrd, arr. anon); 11. Fantasia (Harding, arr. anon.); 12. Galliard "The Queen's New Year's Gift" (Holborne, arr. anon.); 13. Fantasia (Paradiso, arr. anon.); 14. The Trumpet (Anon.); 15. Wakefield on a green (Anon. [Byrd?]); 16. Upon la mi re (Anon.); 17. Praeludium (El. Kiderminster [Bull?]); 18. Fantasia (Strogers) Glen Wilson (hpsd) Naxos 8.572997
English Music For Harpsichord   1. Melancholy Galliard (Dowland); 2. The Shoemaker's Wife (Dowland); 3. My Lady Hunsdowne's Puffe (Dowland); 4. Pavan FWVB 4 (Ferdinando Richardson); 5. Almand FWVB 14 (Anon.); 6. Dr Bull's Juell FWVB 138 (Bull); 7. In Nomine FWVB 37 (Bull); 8. Walsingham FWVB 1 (Bull); 9. The King's Hunt FWVB 135 (Bull); 10. Bonny Sweet Robin FWVB FWVB 15 (Munday); 11. Alman FWVB 172 (Morley); 12. The Fall of the Leafe FWVB 172 (Peerson); 13. Galiardas Passamezzo FWVB 57 (Byrd); 14. Nobodys Gigge FWVB 149 (Richard Farnaby); 15. Air (Purcell); 16. Canary (Purcell); 17. Ground (Croft) Zuzana Ruzickova (hpsd) Supraphon SUA ST 50787 (LP)

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