A Partial Thomas Robinson Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Robin is to the Greenwood Gone Elizabethan Lute Music 1. Mounsier's Almaine (Daniel Bacheler); 2. Pakington's Pownde (Anon., Fitzwilliam Virginal Book); 3. Grimstock (Trad.); 4. Greensleeves (Trad.); 5. Variations on Greensleeves (Francis Cutting); 6. Goe from my window (Anon.); 7. Kemp's Jigge/The Parlement (Anon.); 8. Carman's Whistle (John Johnson); 9. Anthony Pavyn (Anthony De Countie); 10. A Downe (Anon.); 11. Chi Passa (Anon.); 12. Philip's Dump (Philip van Wilder); 13. A Scots Tune, No 1 (Anon.); 14. Corne Yards (Anon.); 15. A Scots Tune, No 2 (Anon.); 16. Gypsies Lilt (Anon); 17. A Scots Tune, No 3 (Anon.); 18. A Scots Tune, No 4 (Anon.); 19. Fairy Rownde (Anthony Holborne); 20. Pavan and Galliard for lute, A Paven (Anthony Holborne); 21. Pavan and Galliard for lute, Galliard to the paven before (Anthony Holborne); 22. Walsinghame (Antony Holborne); 23. Muy Linda (Anthony Holborne); 24. Fantasie (Gregorio Huwet); 25. Lantero (Thomas Robinson); 26. Spanish Pavan (Thomas Robinson); 27. Robin Is To the Greenwood Gone (Thomas Robinson) Paul O'Dette (l) Nonesuch 79123
Merry Melancholy R. Johnson | Th. Robinson 1. Merry melancholy; 2. An Almayne; 3. Ut re mi fa sol la (nine sundry ways); 4. A Galliard; 5. Walking in a country town; 6. Gigue; 7. Spanish Pavan; 8. A Galliard; 9. Go from my window; 10. A Toy; 11. Bell Vedere; 12. Grisse his delight; 13. An Almayne; 14. My Lord Willoughby's Welcome home; others by Robert Johnson Konrad Junghänel (l) Accent ACC 8121 (LP)
Elizabethan and Jacobean Lute Music 1. Spanish Pavin; others by Dowland, John Johnson, Cutting, Robert Johnson Stanley Buetens (l) Musical Heritage Society MHS 3124 (LP)
Englische Gitarrenmusik 1. Merry Melancholy; 2. Galliard; 3. Almaine; others by Cutting, Batchelar, Dowland, Camidge, etc. Siegfried Behrend (g) Deutsche Grammophon 2530 079 (LP)
The Cozens Lute Book Selected Pieces 1. The Spanish Pavan; others by Dowland, Batchelar, Danyel, Hollis, Smythe, Laurencini, Romani, Anon. Anthony Rooley (l) L'Oiseau Lyre DSLO 510 (LP)

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