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A Partial John Blow Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
John Blow Venus and Adonis 1. Cloe found Amintas lying (Blow); 2. Ground in G minor for violin and continuo (Blow); 3. Vos mépris chaque jour me causent mille alarmes (Michel Lambert); 4. Chaconne (Robert de Visée); 5. Venus and Adonis (Blow) Elin Manahan Thomas, Sophia Daneman, Helen Neeves (sop), Caroline Sartin (alt), Jason Darnell (ten), Roderick Williams (bar), Frederick Long (bs), Salisbury Cathedral Girls' Choir dir.David Halls, Theatre of the A yredir. Elizabeth Kenny Wigmore Hall Live WHLive0043
John Blow Venus and Adonis Venus and Adonis : A Masque for the entertainment of the King Rosemary Joshua, Maria Cristina Kiehr (sop), Robin Blaze, Christopher Josey (ct), John Bowen (ten), Gerald Finley (bar), Jonathan Brown (bs), Clare College Chapel Choir dir.Timothye Brown, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenmentdir. René Jacobs Harmonia Mundi HMC 901684
John Blow Symphony Anthems 1. God spake sometime in visions; 2. Hear my voice, O God; 3. O sing with the Lord; 4. When the Son of Man; 5. When Israel came out of Egypt; 6. I was glad Choir of New College Oxford, St James Baroque dir. Robert Quinney Novum NCR 1389
John Blow Anthems 1. God spake sometime in visions; 2. How doth the city sit solitary; 3. The Lord is my shepherd; 4. God is our hope and strength; 5. I beheld, and lo! a great multitude; 6. Turn thee unto me, O Lord; 7. Blessed is the man that hath not walked; 8. Lift up your heads, O ye gates; 9. O Lord, I have sinned; 10. O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is gracious; 11. O Lord, thou hast searched me out and known me; 12. Cry aloud and spare not; 13. Lord, who shall dwell in thy tabernacle?; 14. I said in the cutting off of my days Robin Blaze (ct), Joseph Cornwell, William Kendall (ten), Stephen Varcoe, Stephen Alder (b) , Winchester Cathedral Choir dir. David Hill, The Parley of Instruments dir. Peter Holman Hyperion Dyad CDD 22055
John Blow An Ode on the Death of Mr Henry Purcell 1. Begin The Song; 2. Chaconne a 4 in G Major; 3. An Ode om the Death of Mr Henry Purcell; 4.Ground in G minor; 5. The Nymphs of the wells; 6. Sonata in A Major; 7. Dread Sir, the Prince of Light Samuel Boden, Thomas Walker (ten), Arcangelo dir. Jonathan Cohen Hyperion CDA 68149
John Blow Music for Harpsichord and Spinet 1. Prelude in G; 2. Sett in G; 3. Ground in G; 4. Sett No. 1 in D minor; 5. Chaconne in F; 6. [Aire], Menuet; 6. Sett No. 4 in C; 7. Ground in C fa ut; 8. Overture in G minor; 9. Sett No. 2 in D minor; 10. Ground in G; 11. Sett in G minor; 12. Theatre Tube "Mr Mountfort's Delight"; 13. Sett No 5 in D minor; 14. Chaconne in G miinor; 15. Prelude in G; 16. Morlakr Ground Robert Woolley (hpsd, spinet) Meridian CDE 84464
Odes to St Cecilia By Giovanni Draghi and John Blow 1. From Harmony, from heavenly harmony (Giovanni Battista Draghi); 2. The Glorious day is come (Blow) Suzie Le Blanc (sop), Michael Chance (ct), Joseph Cornwell (ten), Richard Wistreich (b1), Jozic Koc (b2), The Playford Consort, The Parley of Instruments dir. Peter Holman Helios CDH55257
Purcell Complete Organ Works 1. Voluntary in G major, Z. 720 (Purcell); 2. Voluntary in d minor for Double Organ, Z. 719 (Purcell); 3. Verse in F major, Z. 716 (Purcell); 4. Voluntary in C major, Z. 717 (Purcell); 5. Voluntary in d minor, Z. 718 (Purcell); 7. A Ground in Gamut [in G major], Z. 645 (Purcell); 8. March in C major, ZT. 687, from The Married Beau (Purcell); 9. Trumpet Tune in C major, ZT. 698, from The Indian Queen (Purcell); 10. Chaconne in g minor, ZT. 680, from Timon of Athens (Purcell); 11. Trumpet Tune in C major, called the Cibell, ZT. 678 (Purcell); 12. Ground in c minor, ZD. 221 (sometimes attrib. William Croft); 13. Voluntary on the Old 100th, Z. 721 (poss. Blow); 15. Trumpet Voluntary in D major (?Blow); 16. Six Organ Voluntaries (Blow); 17. Seven Voluntaries from Melothesia (1673), "For the Organ" (Locke) John Burr (org) Harmonia Mundi HMU 907103
Mad Songs Purcell | Eccles | Blow 1. Bess of Bedlam (Henry Purcell); 2. Must then a faithful lover go? (John Eccles); 3. Reason, what art thou? (John Weldon); 4. Oh! Take him gently from the pile (John Eccles); 5. Mad Maudlin (Anon.); 6. From rosy bow'rs (Henry Purcell); 7. Let all be gay (John Eccles); 8. Restless in thought (John Eccles); 9. I burn, my brain consumes to ashes (John Eccles); 10. While I with wounding grief (Godfrey Finger); 11. I'll sail upon the dog-star (Henry Purcell); 12. Morpheus, thou gentle god (Daniel Purcell); 13. Love's but the frailty of the mind (John Eccles); 14. Tom of Bedlam (Anon.); 15. Let the dreadful engines (Henry Purcell); 16. Cease of Cupid to complain (John Eccles); 17. Not all my torments (Henry Purcell); 18. Lysander I pursue in vain (John Blow) Catherine Bott (sop), David Roblou (hpsd & org), Mark Levy (bs viol), Anthony Pleeth (cello), Paula Chateauneuf (archl & gtr),Tom Finucane (archl) L'Oiseau-Lyre 433187-2
Coronation Music for King James II Blow | Lawes | Purcell | Child | Turner 1. God spake sometime in visions (Blow); 2. Let thy hand be strengthened (Blow); 3. Zadok the priest (Henry Lawes); 4. My heart is inditing (Purcell); 5. I was glad (Purcell); 6. O Lord, grant the King a long life (Child); 7. Behold, O God our defender (Blow); 8. The King shall rejoice (Turner) Choir of Westminster Abbey & Orchestra dir. Simon Preston Archive 419-163-2
The Purcell Circle The Mantle of Orpheus 1. No, no, no, resistance is but vain (H. Purcell); 2. The appointed Hour (J. Weldon); 3. Sweeter than Roses (H. Purcell); 4. Fixt on the fair Miranda's Eyes (J. Eccles); 5. On yonder Bed Supinely Laid (D. Purcell); 6. Releive, the fair Belinda said (J. Eccles); 7. Lovely Albino (H. Purcell); 8. Take, O take those Lips away (J. Weldon); 9. When Myra sings (H. Purcell); 10. Come, let us howle (J. Eccles); 11 . Let the dreadfull Engines (H. Purcell); 12. From Rosie Bow'rs (H. Purcell); 13. Love thou can'st hear (H. Purcell); 14. Underneath a gloomy shade (D. Purcell); 15. Stay, gentle Echo (J. Blow); 16. The Fatal I lour (H. Purcell); 17. Lost is my Quiet (H. Purcell); 18. Bacchus is a Pow'r divine (H. Purcell); 19. Let us revell and roar (J. Eccles); 20. Hey hoe! (J. Eccles); Emma Kirkby, Everlyn Tubb (sop), Mary Nichols (alt), Joseph Cornwell, Andrew King (ten), Simon Grant, David Thomas (bs), The Consort of Musickedir. Anthony Rooley Columns Classics Musica Oscura 6709772
Lost Is My Quiet 1. I burn, my brain consumes to ashes (Eccles); 2. See the forsaken fair with streaming eyes (Eccles); 3. As Cupid roguishly one day (Eccles); 4. Oh! that mine eyes would melt into a flood (Blow); 5. Lovely Selina, innocent and free (Blow); 6. My dearest, my fairest (Daniel Purcell); 7. Since from my dear Astrea's sight (Purcell); 8. Here the deities approve (Purcell); 9. The Virtuous Wife, or Good Luck at Last (excerpt) (Purcell); 10. Lost is my quiet for ever (Purcell); 11. Strike the viol (Purcell); 12. Suite from "Amphitryon, or the Two Sosias (Purcell); 13. One charming night (Purcell) Nancy Argenta (sop), Daniel Taylor (ct) acc. Adrian Butterfield, Hélène Plouffe (vln), Margaret Little (viola), Susie Napper (cello), Matthias Maute, Sophie Larivière (rec), Christopher Jackson (hpsd), Nigel North (l) ATMA ACD2 2300

John Blow