A Partial William Croft Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
William Croft Select Anthems 1. O Lord God of my salvation; 2. We will rejoice in thy salvation; 3. O Lord I will praise thee; 4. Organ Voluntary in A minor; 5. Hear my prayer; 6. God is gone up with a merry noise; 7. I will sing unto the Lord; 8.Organ Voluntary in D major; 9. We wait for thy loving kindness; 10. O Lord rebuke me not The Choir of New College, Oxforddir.Edward Higginbotham CRD 3491
William Croft At St Paul's 1. Te Deum in D; 2. Rejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous; 3. The Burial Service; 4. Jubiltate in D The Choir of St Paul's Cathedral, The Parley of Instrumments dir. John Scott Helios CDH 55252
Playhouse Aires 18th Century English Theatre Music 1. Mr. Croft's Airs in the Comedy ofCourtship-a-la-Mode (Croft); 2. Mr. Croft's Airs in The Funeral; or, Grief-a-la-Mode (Croft); 3. Mr. Paisible's Airs in the Comedy ofThe Humours of Sir John Falstaff (James Paisible); 4. Mr. Paisible's Airs in the Comedy of She Wou'd and She Wou'd Not (James Paisible);; 5. The Queen's Farewell (James Paisible) The London Oboe Banddir.Paul Goodwin Harmonia Mundi HMU 907181
How The World Wags Social music for a 17th-century Englishman 1. JAMAICA or The Jovial Broom Man, or a Kent Soldier's exact relation of all his Travels in Every Nation, his Famous Acts are all Shown Here as in this Story doth appear (Anon.) 2. GALLIARD (Maurice Webster) 3. WHO LIVETH SO MERRY (Thomas Ravenscroft) 4. THE SAINT TURNED SINNER or The Dissenting Parson's Text Under the Quaker's Petticoats (Anon.) 5. AYRE from Little Consort Suite No 1 in G minor (Matthew Locke) 6. MARTIN SAID TO HIS MAN (Thomas Ravenscroft) 7. THE MILLER OF DEE (Anon.) 8. PACKINGTON'S POUND (Anon.) 9. POX ON YOU FOR A FOP (Henry Purcell) 10. THE HUNT IS UP (John Bennet) 11. ALMAIN (Cuthbert Hely) 12. THE JOLLY BARBER or The Barber fitted by a Wanton Miss of the Town (Anonymous) 13. AS I WALKED FORTH or The Deceased Maiden Lover (Robert Johnson) 14. SELDOM CLEANLY to the tune 'Upon a Summer's Time' (Martin Parker) 15. SONATA IN G (William Croft) 16. TOMORROW THE FOX WILL COME TO TOWN (Thomas Ravenscroft) 17. THE WINCHESTER WEDDING (Thomas D'Urfey) 18. SARABAND from Little Consort Suite No 2 in C major (Matthew Locke) 19. GATHER YOUR ROSEBUDS (William Lawes) 20. A BELLMAN'S SONG (Thomas Ravenscroft) The City Waites Helios CDH55013

William Croft