Francesco Durante

(1684 - 1755)

Italian composer. Tutored in music by his uncle, a priest and composer; also a violin pupil of Francone, and possibly later of Pitoni and Pasquini. Studied at S. Onofrio, Naples, 1702-5; perhaps later went to Rome, but taught at S. Onofrio in 1610-11; his name appears as maestro of the Accademia S. Cecilia, Rome, in 1718; a sacred drama of his was given at Naples in 1719. Served as prima maestro of the conservatory Poveri del Gesù Cristo, Naples, 1728-38, where Pergolesi studied with him. Took the same post at S. Maria di Loreto in 1742, remaining for the rest of his life; Anfossi and Traetta were among his pupils. Succeeded Leo as primo maestro at S. Onotrio in 1744, but de Majo was chosen over him for Leo's post as maestro of the royal chapel. Though he wrote many dramas and secular vocal and instrumental works, his fame rests on his church music (Masses motets, Psalms, Magnificats, and other liturgical pieces) and on his considerable reputation as a teacher.

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