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A Partial Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz Classical Harp Music 1 . Sonata No. 1 (ca 1780); 2. Variations on an Air by Mozart from Serenade in D "The Haffner" Op. 10 (ca 1783; 3. Second Symphony Op. 11 (ca. 1784); 4. Sonata Op. 17 (ca. 1789) Jan Walters (single-action pedal harp) ASV Gaudeamus CD GAU209
La Harpe Reine Musique à La Cour de Marie-Antoinette 1. Concerto for Harp and Orchestra No 5 in B flat Major, Op. 7 (Krumpholz); 2. Symphony No 85 "La Reine" in B flat Major Hob. i:85 (Haydn); 3. Concerto for Harp and Orchestra No 1 in F Major, Op. 9 (Hermann); 4. From Orphée et Eurydice (Gluck, arr de Maistre) Xavier de Maistre (harp), Les Arts Florissants dir. William Christie Harmonia Mundi HAF8902276
A Heavenly Match Georgian Music For Harp And Soprano 1. Sie Canzonette A Due: Gia La Notte S'Avvicina (J. C. Bach); 2. Sie Canzonette A Due: Pur Nel Sonno (J. C. Bach); 3. Sie Canzonette A Due: Ah, Ramenta (J. C. Bach); 4. Sonatina: Andante Con Moto (Jan Ladislav Dussek); 5. Sonatina: Allegretto Non Tanto (Jan Ladislav Dussek); 6. Three Canzonets: The Midnight Moon (Storace); 7. Three Canzonets: How Sweet The Calm Of This Sequestered Shore (Storace); 8. Three Canzonets: Unless With My Amanda (Storace); 9. Three Canzonets: The Curfew (Storace); 10. Sonata for the Harp (Sophia Dussek); 11. Songs And Duets: Mormora Il Fiumicello (Maria Cosway); 12. Songs And Duets: Sospiri Del Mio Cor (Maria Cosway); 13. Songs And Duets: Ogni Dolce Aura (Maria Cosway); 14. Songs And Duets: Tacite Ombre Orrende Larve (Maria Cosway); 15. Who Boasts, I Pray, The Brightest Eye?: C'est Vous Ma Chere (Charles Cosway); 16. Je Voudrais Sylvie (Jean Baptiste Krumpholtz); 17. Andante De Haydn (Jean Baptiste Krumpholtz); 18. Romance-Air De Krumpholtz: A La Memoire De Krumpholtz (Delamanière); 19. La Liberta à Nice-Cazonetta De Metastasio: Grazie A Gl'inganni Tuoi (Cherubini); 20. La Liberta A Nice-Cazonetta De Metastasio: Manco I'Antico Ardore (Cherubini); 21. La Liberta A Nice-Cazonetta De Metastasio: Sogno Ma Te Non Miro (Cherubini); 22. Sonatina: Adagio (Jan Ladislav Dussek); 23. Sonatina: Tempo Di Minuetto (Jan Ladislav Dussek); 24. Abendempfindung (Mozart) Musica Fabula: Sarah Pillow, Liliana Mazzari (sop), Jan Walters (harp) Sound Alive Music SAMHS/CD/203

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