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A Partial Alfonso Ferrabosco I Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Alfonso Ferrabosco Psaume 103 - Motets & Madrigaux 1. Dolci ire (madrigal à 5) C140; 2. Auprès de vous (chanson à 5) C81; 3. In nomine I (instr.); 4. Peccantem me quotidie (motet à 5) C52; 5. Psalmus CIII - Benedic anima mea C8-18; 6. Bruna sei tu, ma bella (madrigal à 5) C122; 7. Domine, non secundum peccata nostra (motet à 6) C32; 8. Quel sempre acerbo (madrigal à 6) C177 Huelgas Ensemble dir. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901874
The Royal Lewters Music of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I's favourite lutenists 1. Pastyme with good Companie (Henry VIII); 2. Fantasie (Van Wilder) ; 3. Philip 's Dump (Van Wilder); 4. The Duke of Somersettes Dompe (Anon.); 5. My Lady Careys Dompe (Anon.); 6. [Fantasy] (Anon., Hirsch Lutebook); 7. Sellenger 's Round (Anon.); 8. [A Dump] (Anon.); 9. Chi passa per 'sta strada (Anon., Marsh Lutebook); 10. Anthony Pavyn (Anthony De Countie [?]); 11. A Downe (Anon.); 12. Fantasia (Ferrabosco Sr); 13. Pavin (Ferrabosco Sr.); 14. [A Canzonettal (Ferrabosco Sr) ; 15. Collard's Ground (Edward Collard); 16. [A Canzonetta] (Anon.); 17. The Gathering of Pescodes (John Johnson); 18. A Paven to delight (John Johnson); 19. The Galliard to delighte (John Johnson); 20. Quadro Paven (John Johnson); 21. Omnino Galliard(John Johnson); 22. Carmans whistle (John Johnson); 23. Passing measures Pavin (John Johnson); 24. Walsingham (John Johnson); 25. A Pavin by Mr. Johnsonn (John Johnson); 26. Galliard (John Johnson); 27. [Conde Claros] (Anon.) Paul O'Dette (l) Harmonia Mundi HMU 907313
The Knight of the Lute - Matthew Wadsworth Music from The Varietie of Lute Lessons 1. Sir John Smith, his Almain, for lute, P 47 (John Dowland); 2. Fantasie, for lute (Gregory Huwet); 3. Pavans for lute (Antony Holborne); 4. The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, her Galliard (Katherine Darcy's Galliard), for lute, P 41 (John Dowland); 5. Volt 1 for lute (Anon.); 6. Fantasie IV (Da Roma Laurencini); 7. Pavin, for lute (Daniel Batchelar); 8. Courante for lute (Robert Ballard); 9. Fantasie composed by the most Artificial & famous for lute (Alfonso Ferrabosco); 10. Pavin (Alfonso Ferrabosco); 11. Coranto for lute No. 6 (from "The Varietie of Lute Lessons, 1610") (Anon.); 12. Courante (Julien Perrichon); 13. Fantasie, for lute (Da Roma Laurencini); 14. Pavin (in honorem Johanni Dowlandi Anglorum Orphei), for lute (Moritz Landgraf Von Hessen); 15. The King of Denmark, his Galliard, for lute, P 40 (John Dowland); 16. Monsieur Saman his Coranto, for lute (René Saman); 17. The Right Honourable the Lady Cliftons Spirit for lute, P45 (Robert Dowland); 18. Pavin and galliard, for keyboard in F major (Thomas Morley); 19. The Right Honourable Ferdinando Earl of Derby, his Galliard, for lute (John Dowland) Matthew Wadsworth Channel Classics CCS SA 25408
The Rags of Time 17th C. English lute songs and dances 1. Sweetest love I do not goe (Anon.); 2. Spoken: The Sunne Rising (Donne); 3. Sweet stay a while (H. Lawes); 4. Break of day (W. Corkine); 5. Spoken: The good-morrow (Donne); 6. Wherefore peep'st thou (John Wilson); 7. Lute solo: John come kiss me now (Anon.); 8. Goe and catch a fallinge star (Anon.); 9. Spoken: The Flea (Donne); 10. The Expiration (A. Ferrabosco); 11. Spoken: The Apparition (Donne); 12. Lute solo: The Noble man (Robert Johnson); 13. Wilt thou forgive that sinne (John Hilton); 14. Lute solo: Pavan (Robert Johnson); 15. Spoken: The triple Foole (Donne); 16. Loves Sweet Repose (H. Lawes); 17. Love's Flattery (W. Lawes); 18. Guitar solo: Chaconne in D (F. Corbetta); 19. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may (W. Lawes); 20. The Rose (H. Lawes); 21. Theorbo solo: Prelude in A minor (John Wilson); 22. The Selfe Banished (H. Lawes); 23. Theorbo solo: Prelude in F (John Wilson); 24. Peace, mutt'ring thoughts (John Wilson); 25. Theorbo solo: Prelude in B flat (John Wilson); 26. Have you e'er seen the morning sun (H. Lawes) Paul Hillier (bar); Nigel North (l, theorbo, gtr) Harmonia Mundi HMU 907257
Ferdinando Richardson Complete Works for Harpsichord 1. Pavane and Variation in D minor (Richardson); 2. Galliard and Variation in D minor (Richardson); 3. Pavane and Variation in G Major/minor (Richardson); 4. Galliard and Variation in G minor (Richardson); 5. Pavane in A minor (Richardson); 6. Galliard in A minor (Richardson); 7. Allemande (Richardson); 8. Pavane and Galliard for lute in D minor (Morley, arr. Richardson); 9. Fantasia (Ferrabosco I, arr. anon.); 10. Lullaby, my sweet little baby (Byrd, arr. anon); 11. Fantasia (Harding, arr. anon.); 12. Galliard "The Queen's New Year's Gift" (Holborne, arr. anon.); 13. Fantasia (Paradiso, arr. anon.); 14. The Trumpet (Anon.); 15. Wakefield on a green (Anon. [Byrd?]); 16. Upon la mi re (Anon.); 17. Praeludium (El. Kiderminster [Bull?]); 18. Fantasia (Strogers) Glen Wilson (hpsd) Naxos 8.572997
A Candle in the Dark Elizabethan Songs and Consort Music 1. So beautie on the waters stood; others by Byrd, Dowland, William Mundy, Tye, Campion, Picforth, John Johnson, White Ellen Hargis (s), Drew Minter (ct), The Newberry Consort dir. Mary Springfels Harmonia Mundi HMU 907140

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