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A Partial Nicholas Lanier Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Johnson • Lawes • Humfrey • Purcell With endless teares 1. Have you seen but the bright lily grow (Robert Johnson); 2. Woods, rocks and mountains (Robert Johnson); 3. With endless tears (Robert Johnson); 4. Come hither you that love (Robert Johnson); 5. Come, heavy sleep (Robert Johnson); 6. Almain (Robert Johnson); 7. The Prince's Almain (Robert Johnson); 8. Mark how the blushful morn (Nicholas Lanier); 9. I wish no more (Nicholas Lanier); 10. No more shall meads be deck'd with flowers (Nicholas Lanier); 11. Almain (Robert Johnson); 12. Almain (Robert Johnson); 13. Amarillis by a spring (Henry Lawes); 14. Amintor's Welladay (Henry Lawes); 15. Sleep soft, you cold clay cinders (Henry Lawes); 16. Chloris dead, lamented by Amintor (Henry Lawes); 17. Courante (Jacques Gaultier); 18. Volte (Jacques Gaultier); 19. Ariadne's Lament (Henry Lawes); 20. Courante (Jacques Gaultier); 21. Cloches (Jacques Gaultier); 22. Cupid once, when weary grown (Pelham Humfrey); 23. Oh! That I had but a fine man (Pelham Humfrey); 24. O Love, if e'er thou'lt ease a heart (Pelham Humfrey); 25. How severe is forgetful old age (Pelham Humfrey); 26. If grief has any pow'r (Henry Purcell); 27. When first Amintas sued for a kiss (Henry Purcell); 28. Music for a while (Henry Purcell); 29. Farewell, all joys! (Henry Purcell) Johanette Zomer (sop), Fred Jacobs (l, theorbo) Channel Classics CCS SA 26609
Henry Lawes Ayres 1. Slide soft you silver floods (Henry Lawes); 2. Have you e'er seen the morning sun (Henry Lawes); 3. Bid me but live, and I will live (Henry Lawes); 4. Divisions on a Ground (Frances Withy); 5. Prelude (Daniel Bacheler); 6. I rise and grieve (Henry Lawes); 7. Or you, or I nature did wrong (Henry Lawes); 8. Neither sighs, nor tears, nor mourning (Nicholas Lanier); 9. Almain / Corant 1 / Corant 2 (William Lawes); 10. Whither are all her false oaths blown? (Henry Lawes); 11. I'm sick of love "To the Sycamore" (William Lawes); 12. No more shall meads be deck'd with flowers (Nicholas Lanier); 13. Tregian's Ground (Daniel Norcombe); 14. When thou, porr excommunicate (Henry Lawes); 15. Sleep soft you cold clay cinders (Henry Lawes); 16. Out upon it, I have lov'd (Henry Lawes); 17. Courant (Jacques Gautier); 18. Cloches Mr Gaultier (Jacques Gautier); 19. Sweet stay awhile (Henry Lawes); 20. O tell me love! O tell me fate! (Henry Lawes); 21. Divisions on "John come kiss me now" (Christopher Simpson); 22. Wert Thou Yet Fairer (Henry Lawes); 23. Why so pale? (William Lawes) La Rêveuse Mirare MIR 177
Greensleeves A Collection of English Lute Songs 1. Mark How the Blushful Morn; other works by Dowland, Morley, Campion, Holborne, Cavendish, etc Julianne Baird (s); Ronn McFarlane (l) Dorian DOR-90126
The English Lute Song 1. No More Shall Meads be Deck'd With Flow'rs; other works by Dowland, Johnson, Campion, Ferrabosco, Brewer, Morley, etc Julianne Baird (s); Ronn McFarlane (l) Dorian DOR-90109
Musickes Sweetest Joyes Simpson | Dowland | Hume | Locke 1. Prelude in D (Christopher Simpson); 2. Divisions on a Ground (Simpson); 3. Prelude in e minor (Simpson); 4. Divisions on a Ground (Simpson); 5. A Pavin (Robert Jones); 6. Coranto (Corkine); 7. The Punckes Delight (Corkine); 8. A Pavin (Corkine); 9. Coranto (Corkine); 10. "Cease Leaden Slumber" (Hume); 11. Goode againe (Hume); 12. "What greater griefe" (Hume); 13. A Polish Ayre (Hume); 14. "Fain would I change that note" (Hume); 15. Preludium (Dowland); 16. "Go nightly cares" (Dowland); 17. (A piece without a title)(Dowland); 18. Coranto (Dowland); 19. "Lasso mia vita" (Dowland); 20. "Like hermit poor" (Lanier); 21. Suite in C minor/Major (Locke) Johanette Zomer (s); Peter Kooij (b), Mieneck van der Velden, Jaap ter Linden (v da g), Fred Jacobs (l) Channel Classics CCS 21204

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