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A Partial Daniel Norcome Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
The Triumphs of Oriana Compiled by Thomas Morley 1. The Lady Oriana (John Wilbye); 2. Sing, Shepherds All (Richard Nicholson); 3. Lightly She Whipped O'er The Dales (John Mundy); 4. Calm Was The Air And Clear The Sky (Richard Carlton); 5. Fantasia No. 2 (Holborne); 6. Hence Stars Too Dim Of Light (Michael East)_ ; 7. Come, Gentle Swains And Shephards' Dainty Daughters (Michael Cavendish); 8. With Angel's Face And Brightness (Daniel Norcombe); 9. The Nymphs And Shepherds Danced (George Marson); 10. Galliard (Holborne); 11. All Creatures Now Are Merry Merry-Minded (John Bennett); 12. Fair Nymphs, I Heard One Telling (John Farmer); 13. Fair Oriana, Seeming To Wink At Folly set by (Robert Jones); 14. The Fauns And Satyrs Tripping (Thomas Tomkins); 15. Galliard No.8 (Holborne); 16. Round About Her Charret, With All-admiring Strains (Ellis Gibbons); 17. With Wreaths Of Rose And Laurel (William Cobbold); 18. Thus Bonny-boots The Birthday Celebrated (John Holmes); 19. Long Live Fair Oriana. (Hark did you ever hear?) (Ellis Gibbons); 20. Fantasia No. 3 (Holborne); 21. Arise, Awake, Awake (Thomas Morley); 22. Hark! Did Ye Ever Hear So Sweet A Singing? (Thomas Hunt); 23. Fair Orian In The Morn (John Milton); 24. With Angel's Face And Brightness (George Kirbye); 25. Come, Blessed Bird (Edward Johnson); 26. Galliard (Byrd); 27. Hard By A Crystal Fountain (Thomas Morley); 28. Fair Oriana, Beauty's Queen (John Hilton); 29. Fair Cytherea Presents Her Doves (John Lisley); 30. As Vesta Was From Latmos Hill Descending (Thomas Weelkes) I Fagiolini Chandos Chaconne CHAN 0682
Henry Lawes Ayres 1. Slide soft you silver floods (Henry Lawes); 2. Have you e'er seen the morning sun (Henry Lawes); 3. Bid me but live, and I will live (Henry Lawes); 4. Divisions on a Ground (Frances Withy); 5. Prelude (Daniel Bacheler); 6. I rise and grieve (Henry Lawes); 7. Or you, or I nature did wrong (Henry Lawes); 8. Neither sighs, nor tears, nor mourning (Nicholas Lanier); 9. Almain / Corant 1 / Corant 2 (William Lawes); 10. Whither are all her false oaths blown? (Henry Lawes); 11. I'm sick of love "To the Sycamore" (William Lawes); 12. No more shall meads be deck'd with flowers (Nicholas Lanier); 13. Tregian's Ground (Daniel Norcombe); 14. When thou, porr excommunicate (Henry Lawes); 15. Sleep soft you cold clay cinders (Henry Lawes); 16. Out upon it, I have lov'd (Henry Lawes); 17. Courant (Jacques Gautier); 18. Cloches Mr Gaultier (Jacques Gautier); 19. Sweet stay awhile (Henry Lawes); 20. O tell me love! O tell me fate! (Henry Lawes); 21. Divisions on "John come kiss me now" (Christopher Simpson); 22. Wert Thou Yet Fairer (Henry Lawes); 23. Why so pale? (William Lawes) La Rêveuse Mirare MIR 177

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