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A Partial Henry Lawes Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Henry Lawes Ayres 1. Slide soft you silver floods (Henry Lawes); 2. Have you e'er seen the morning sun (Henry Lawes); 3. Bid me but live, and I will live (Henry Lawes); 4. Divisions on a Ground (Frances Withy); 5. Prelude (Daniel Bacheler); 6. I rise and grieve (Henry Lawes); 7. Or you, or I nature did wrong (Henry Lawes); 8. Neither sighs, nor tears, nor mourning (Nicholas Lanier); 9. Almain / Corant 1 / Corant 2 (William Lawes); 10. Whither are all her false oaths blown? (Henry Lawes); 11. I'm sick of love "To the Sycamore" (William Lawes); 12. No more shall meads be deck'd with flowers (Nicholas Lanier); 13. Tregian's Ground (Daniel Norcombe); 14. When thou, porr excommunicate (Henry Lawes); 15. Sleep soft you cold clay cinders (Henry Lawes); 16. Out upon it, I have lov'd (Henry Lawes); 17. Courant (Jacques Gautier); 18. Cloches Mr Gaultier (Jacques Gautier); 19. Sweet stay awhile (Henry Lawes); 20. O tell me love! O tell me fate! (Henry Lawes); 21. Divisions on "John come kiss me now" (Christopher Simpson); 22. Wert Thou Yet Fairer (Henry Lawes); 23. Why so pale? (William Lawes) La Rêveuse Mirare MIR 177
Henry Lawes Sitting by the Streams 1. My Soul The Great God's Praises Sings; 2. The Lark - 'Swift Through The Yielding Air'; 3. Sweet, Stay Awhile; 4. Amintor's Welladay (Chloris Now); 5. A Dialogue - 'This Mossy Bank’; 6. The Anglers' Song - 'Man's Life Is But Vain'; 7 Hark, Shepherd Swains; 8. Thee And Thy Wondrous Deeds; 9. A Dream – ‘I Laid Me Down Upon A Pillow Soft'; 10. Tavola - 'In Quel Gelato Core; 11. I Prithee Send Me Back My Heart; 12. Slide Soft You Silver Floods; 13. Sing Fair Clorinda; 14. Orpheus' Hymn-'O King Of Heaven And Hell’; 15. The Mournful Lovers - 'Come, Sad Turtle’; 16. A Despairing Lover - 'Farewell, Despairing Hopes'; 17. Sitting By The Streams The Consort of Musicke dir. Anthony Rooley (l) Hyperion CDA66135
Lawes Songs By Henry & William Lawes 1. Gather your rosebuds while you may (William Lawes); 2. A Tale out of Anacreon (Henry Lawes); 3. Oh, that joy so soon should waste (Henry Lawes); 4. Sweet, stay awhile; why do you rise? (Henry Lawes); 5. Monsieur Saman his Coranto (René Saman); 6. Amarillis, by a spring (Henry Lawes); 7. Oh, let me still and silent lie (William Lawes); 8. Oh, my Clarissa, thou cruel fair (William Lawes); 9. From the heav'ns now I fly (Henry Lawes); 10 Corant from The Royall Consort (William Lawes); 11. Sweet Echo, sweetest nymph that liv'st unseen (Henry Lawes); 12. Country Dance (William Lawes); 13 Oh sweet woods, the delight of solitariness (Henry Lawes); 14 Tavola: In quel gelato core una voce (Henry Lawes); 15 Loves Sweet Repose: Amidst the myrtles as I walk (Henry Lawes); 16. No Reprieve: Now, now Lucasia, now make haste (Henry Lawes); 17. Fantasia (Cuthbert Hely); 18. Slide soft, you silver floods (Henry Lawes); 19 Saraband (Cuthbert Hely); 20. When shall I see my captive heart? (Henry Lawes); 21. Alman for two lutes (William Lawes); 22. Corant for two lutes (William Lawes); 23. A Dreame: I laid me down upon a pillow soft (William Lawes); 24. Corant for two lutes (William Lawes); 25. The Angler's Song: Man's life is but vain, for 'tis subject to pain (Henry Lawes); 26. When man for sin thy judgment feels (William Lawes); 27. A Pastoral Elegie: Cease you jolly shepherds (Henry Lawes) Robin Blaze (ct), Elizabeth Kenny (l), with Rebecca Outram (sop), Robert MacDonald (b), William Carter (l, gtr, theorbo), Frances Kelly (double harp) Hyperion CDA67589
Johnson • Lawes • Humfrey • Purcell With endless teares 1. Have you seen but the bright lily grow (Robert Johnson); 2. Woods, rocks and mountains (Robert Johnson); 3. With endless tears (Robert Johnson); 4. Come hither you that love (Robert Johnson); 5. Come, heavy sleep (Robert Johnson); 6. Almain (Robert Johnson); 7. The Prince's Almain (Robert Johnson); 8. Mark how the blushful morn (Nicholas Lanier); 9. I wish no more (Nicholas Lanier); 10. No more shall meads be deck'd with flowers (Nicholas Lanier); 11. Almain (Robert Johnson); 12. Almain (Robert Johnson); 13. Amarillis by a spring (Henry Lawes); 14. Amintor's Welladay (Henry Lawes); 15. Sleep soft, you cold clay cinders (Henry Lawes); 16. Chloris dead, lamented by Amintor (Henry Lawes); 17. Courante (Jacques Gaultier); 18. Volte (Jacques Gaultier); 19. Ariadne's Lament (Henry Lawes); 20. Courante (Jacques Gaultier); 21. Cloches (Jacques Gaultier); 22. Cupid once, when weary grown (Pelham Humfrey); 23. Oh! That I had but a fine man (Pelham Humfrey); 24. O Love, if e'er thou'lt ease a heart (Pelham Humfrey); 25. How severe is forgetful old age (Pelham Humfrey); 26. If grief has any pow'r (Henry Purcell); 27. When first Amintas sued for a kiss (Henry Purcell); 28. Music for a while (Henry Purcell); 29. Farewell, all joys! (Henry Purcell) Johanette Zomer (sop), Fred Jacobs (l, theorbo) Channel Classics CCS SA 26609
Coronation Music for King James II Blow | Lawes | Purcell | Child | Turner 1. God spake sometime in visions (Blow); 2. Let thy hand be strengthened (Blow); 3. Zadok the priest (Henry Lawes); 4. My heart is inditing (Purcell); 5. I was glad (Purcell); 6. O Lord, grant the King a long life (Child); 7. Behold, O God our defender (Blow); 8. The King shall rejoice (Turner) Choir of Westminster Abbey & Orchestra dir. Simon Preston Archive 419-163-2
William Lawes Dialogues, Psalms & Elegies 1. Come heavy heart; 2. Charon, O Charon; 3. Charon, O gentle Charon, let me wooe thee; 4. Orpheus, O Orpheus, gently touch thy Lesbyan Lyre; 5. Tis not Boy, thy Amorous looke; 6. When death shall snatch us from these Kidds; 7. The Catts as other creatures doe; 8. Musicke, The Master of thy Art is dead; 9. How Like a widow?; 10. Why in this shade of night?; 11. Cease, O cease ye jolly shepherds (Jenkins); 12, Psalm 22 (Henry Lawes) The Consort of Musickedir.Anthony Rooley Explore EXP0011 from L'Oiseau-Lyre DSLO 574
The Rags of Time 17th C. English lute songs and dances 1. Sweetest love I do not goe (Anon.); 2. Spoken: The Sunne Rising (Donne); 3. Sweet stay a while (H. Lawes); 4. Break of day (W. Corkine); 5. Spoken: The good-morrow (Donne); 6. Wherefore peep'st thou (John Wilson); 7. Lute solo: John come kiss me now (Anon.); 8. Goe and catch a fallinge star (Anon.); 9. Spoken: The Flea (Donne); 10. The Expiration (A. Ferrabosco); 11. Spoken: The Apparition (Donne); 12. Lute solo: The Noble man (Robert Johnson); 13. Wilt thou forgive that sinne (John Hilton); 14. Lute solo: Pavan (Robert Johnson); 15. Spoken: The triple Foole (Donne); 16. Loves Sweet Repose (H. Lawes); 17. Love's Flattery (W. Lawes); 18. Guitar solo: Chaconne in D (F. Corbetta); 19. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may (W. Lawes); 20. The Rose (H. Lawes); 21. Theorbo solo: Prelude in A minor (John Wilson); 22. The Selfe Banished (H. Lawes); 23. Theorbo solo: Prelude in F (John Wilson); 24. Peace, mutt'ring thoughts (John Wilson); 25. Theorbo solo: Prelude in B flat (John Wilson); 26. Have you e'er seen the morning sun (H. Lawes) Paul Hillier (bar); Nigel North (l, theorbo, gtr) Harmonia Mundi HMU 907257

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