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A Partial Robert Parsons Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Robert Parsons Sacred Music by Robert Parsons 1. Domine, quis habitabit?; 2. Peccantem me quotidie; 3. Holy Lord God Almighty; 4. Deliver me from mine enemies; 5. Retribue servo tuo; 6. Solemnis urgebat dies; 7. Magnificat; 8. Libera me, Domine; 9. Credo quod redemptor; 10. O bone Jesu; 11. Ave Maria The Cardinall's Musick dir. Andrew Carwood Hyperion CDA67874
Elizabethan Songs and Consort Music 1. A Song of Mr Robert Parsons; 2. The Song called Trumpets; 3. Pour down, you pow'rs divine; 4. Ut, re, mi; 5. De la court; other works by Farrant, Mundy, Taverner, Tye, Byrd, Pattrick, Bennet, Tallis Rose Consort of Viols, Catherine King (ms) Naxos 8.554284
Music at All Souls, Oxford The Lancastrians to the Tudors 1. Ave Maria, gratia plena; others by 'Roy Henry', Power, Dunstable, Lambe, Davy, Merbecke, Tallis, Sheppard, Tye, Sturgeon, White The Cardinall's Musick dir. Andrew Carwood ASV Gaudeamus CD GAU 196
Elizabethan Consort Music 1558 - 1603 1. Pavin of Albarti (Innocenzio Alberti); 2. Gallyard (Innocenzio Alberti); 3. In nomine (Anon.); 4. In nomine III à 5 (Nicholas Strogers); 5. Desperada (Anon.); 6. Gallyard (Anon.); 7. Almande (Anon.); 8. Browning my dere (Clement Woodcocke); 9. In nomine à 5 (Robert White); 10.Ronda (Anon.); 11. La represa (Anon.); 12. Gallyard (Anon.); 13. In nomine II à 5 (Clement Woodcocke); 14. In nomine III à 5 (Clement Woodcocke); 15. Allemana d'amor (Anon.); 16. Dance (Anon.); 17. Quemadmodum (John Taverner); 18. Consort piece à 6 "Di sei soprani" (William Daman); 19. Pavana (Anon.); 20. Brandeberges (Anon.); 21. La represa (Anon.); 22. In nomine IV à 6 (Nicholas Strogers); 23. O mater mundi (William Mundy); 24. Pavana (Anon.); 25. Gallyard (Anon.); 26. Dance (Anon.); 27. In nomine à 7 no 1 (Robert Parsons); 28. Mr. Parsons his Songe "The Songe called Trumpetts" (Robert Parsons); 29. In nomine à 7 no 2 (Robert Parsons) Hesperion XXIdir.Jordi Savall Alia Vox AV 9804
The Treasury of English Church Music Volume 2 (1545-1650) 1. Nunc dimittis; other works by Tallis, Morley,Byrd, Merbecke, Weelkes, Dering, Child, Philips, Tomkins, Mundy, Gibbons, Farrant Choir of Westminster Abbeydir.Douglas Guest HMV CSD 3536
Armada Music from the courts of England and Spain 1. Rejoice unto the Lord (Byrd); 2. Diferencias sobre "La dama le demanda" (Antonio de Cabezón); 3. Fantasia (Lopez); 4. Morenica dame (Miguel de Fuenllana); 5. Browning a 3 (Elway Bevin); 6. The Carman's Whistle, MB 36 (Byrd); 7. Psalmes, Sonets and Songs: Come to me, grief, forever (Byrd); 8. Trattado de glosas: Recercada secunda "sobre canto llano" (Diego Ortiz); 9. Fantasia 5 "Susana un jur" (Hernando de Cabezón); 10. Fantasia de redobles (Miguel de Fuenllana); 11. In angel's weed (Byrd); 12. Dulce memoria (Hernando de Cabezón); 13. Diferencias sobre "La Milanesa" (Antonio de Cabezón); 14. Recercada tercera (Diego Ortiz); 15. Pandolpho 1 "Pour down, you pow'rs divine" (Parsons); 16. Fantasia a 4 (White); 17. Quiento hizo (Esteban Daza); 18. In Nomine a 5 (Picforth); 19. Almain "The Honiesuckle" (Anthony Holborne); 20. Pavan "Paradizo" (Anthony Holborne); 21. Coranto "Fairy Round" (Anthony Holborne); 22. Fantasia a 5 in C major (Byrd); 23. Lachrimae or Seaven Teares: M. Bucton his Galiard (Dowland); 24. Lachrimae or Seaven Teares: Captaine Piper his Galiard (Dowland); 25. Fantasy a 4 (Bull); 26. Lachrimae or Seaven Teares: Lachrimae antiquae (Dowland); 27. Lachrimae or Seaven Teares: M. Nicholas Gryffith his Galiard (Dowland); 28. In Nomine à 5 (Alfonso (II) Ferrabosco); 29. Fantasias (2) 4 "for the great double bass": Excerpt(s) (Orlando Gibbons); 30. In Nomine 5 (Orlando Gibbons); 31. Aires for 2 Division Viols in C major: Pavan of Alfonso (Lawes); 32. Aires for 2 Division Viols in C major: Almaine of Alfonso (Lawes); 33. My Ladye Nevalls Booke: A Fancie on C (Byrd); 34. Consort Sett à 5 in C major (Lawes) Michael Chance (Countertenor), Chris"top"her Wilson (Lute), Paul Nicholson (Harpsichord, Organ), Richard Booth (Bass Viola da gamba), Fretwork Virgin Veritas 7243 5 61821 2 7

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