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A Partial Thomas Augustine Arne Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Thomas Arne Artaxerxes An English Opera (1762) Artaxerxes Catherine Bott. Philippa Hyde (sop), Patricia Spence (m sop), Christopher Robson (ct), Ian Partridge, Richard Edgar-Wilson (ten), Colin Campbell, Charles Gibbs (b), The Parley of Instruments dir. Roy Goodman Hyperion Dyad CDD22073
English Mad Songs And Ayres   1. Oh Solitude! (Purcell); 2. The Fatal Hour (Purcell); 3. Evening Hymn (Purcell); 4. With Sick and Famish'd Eyes (Purcell); 5. Be Welcome Then. Great Sir (Purcell); 6. Hark! The Echoing Air (Purcell); 7. Fame's an Echo (Arne); 8. Not on Beds of Facing Flow'rs (Arne); 9. O Come, O Come my Dearest (Arne); 10. Sleep, gentle Cherub. Sleep descend (Arne); 11. Bess of Bedlam (Purcell); 12. 21 Harpsichord solo: A New Ground (Purcell); 13. Music for a While (Purcell); 14. Lysander I Pursue (Blow); Julianne Baird (sop), Colin Tilney (hpsd), Alison Mackay (v da g) Dorian Recordings DOR-90105
The Singing Club Ravenscroft, Lawes, Purcell, Arne 1. A round of three country dances in one (Thomas Ravenscroft); 2. There were three ravens (Thomas Ravenscroft); 3. Call George again, boys (John Hilton); 4. Drink tonight of the moonshine bright (William Lawes); 5. She weepeth sore in the night (William Lawes); 6. Dainty fine aniseed water (William Lawes ); 7. Where the bee sucks, there suck I (John Wilson); 8. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may (William Lawes); 9. Tis women makes us love, Z 281 (Henry Purcell); 10. Sir Walter enjoying his damsel, Z 273 (Henry Purcell); 11. Inigo Jones (Anon.); 12. Epitaph (Jonathan Battishill); 13. The Singing Club (Thomas Arne); 14. Foresters sound the cheerful horn (Henry Bishop); 15. To soften care (Thomas Arne); 16. To Anacreon in Heaven (John Stafford Smith); 17. Elegy on the death of Mr. Shenstone (Thomas Arne); 18. Much Ado about Nothing: Sigh no more, ladies (Thomas Arne); 19. There is a paradise on earth (Robert Lucas Pearsall); 20. O who will o'er the downs so free (Robert Lucas Pearsall); 21. Sweet and Low (Joseph Barnby) The Hilliard Ensemble dir. Paul Hillier Harmonia Mundi HMA 1951153
Arias for Guadagni The First Modern Castrato 1. O Lord, whose mercies numberless (David) (Act 1 Scene 5. Aria from Saul, HWV53) (Handel) ; 2. The raptur'd soul (Didymus) (Act 1 Scene 2. Aria from Theodora, HWV68) (Handel); 3. Yet, can I hear that dulcet lay (Hercules) (No 15. Air from The Choice of Hercules, HWV69) (Handel); 4. Destructive war (Cyrus) (Act 3 Scene 3. Aria from Belshazzar, HWV61) (Handel); 5. Ah che dissi! (Enea) (Act 1 Scene 19a. Accompagnato from Didone abbandonata) (Hasse); 6. Se resto sul lido (Enea) (Act 1 Scene 19b. Aria from Didone abbandonata) (Hasse); 7. Odi colą la frigia tromba? (Enea) (Act 3 Scene 8a. Fanfare & Recitative from Didone abbandonata) (Hasse); 8. A trionfar mi chiama (Enea) (Act 3 Scene 8b. Aria from Didone abbandonata) (Hasse); 9. Say, lovely Dream! (Extract from The Fairies) (John Christopher Smith); 10. Vengeance, O come inspire me! (Act 2. Aria from Alfred) (Thomas Arne); 11. Orchester-Sinfonie in D major H663 (Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach); 12. Ah! non turbi il mio riposo (Telemaco) (Act 2 Scene 3. Aria from Telemaco) ( Gluck); 15. The Dance of the Blessed Spirits (Act 2 Scene 2a. Ballo from Orfeo ed Euridice) (Gluck) 16. Che puro ciel! (Orfeo) (Act 2 Scene 2b. Arioso from Orfeo ed Euridice) (Gluck) 17. AhimŹ! Dove trascorsi? (Orfeo) (Act 3 Scene 1a. Recitative from Orfeo ed Euridice) (Gluck) 18. Che farė senza Euridice? (Orfeo) (Act 3 Scene 1b. Aria from Orfeo ed Euridice) (Gluck) 19. Pensa a serbarmi, o cara (Gaetano Guadagni) Iestyn Davies (ct), Arcangelo dir. Jonathan Cohen Hyperion CDA67924
English 18th century Violin Sonatas   1. Violin Sonata in A major, Op. 1, No. 1 (Geminiani); 2. Suite in A minor (Richard Jones); 3. Solo in E major (Arne); 4. Sonata in D minor (Gibbs); 5. Sonata in E minor/major, Op. 1, No. 1 (Giardini); 6. Rondo in D major (Hellendaal); 7. Sonata in A major (Linley) The Locatelli Trio Hyperion CDA66583
Syrens, Enchanters and Fairies 18th Century Overtures from the London Stage 1.The Fairies: Overture (J. C. Smith); 2. The Fairies: March (J. C. Smith); 3. The Sirens: Overture (J. A. Fisher); 4. Thomas and Sally: Overture (Thomas Arne); 5. The Maid of the Mill (Erskine); 6. The Enchanter: Overture (J. C. Smith); 7. The Enchanter: Dead March (J. C. Smith); 8. The Guardian Outwitted: Overture (Thomas Arne); 9. The Tempest: Overture (J. C. Smith); 10. The Overture: Hornpipe (J. C. Smith); 11. Atatterxes: Overture (Thomas Arne) Capella Savaria dir. Mary Térey-Smith Dorian DOR-93251
Orpheus with his lute Music for Shakespeare from Purcell to Arne 1. Overture to Titus Andronicus (Jeremiah Clarke); 2. Take, O take those lips away (John Weldon); 3. Can life be a blessing? (John Eccles); 4. Pardon, goddess of the night (Thomas Chilcot); 5. Orpheus with his lute (Maurice Greene); 6. Orpheus with his lute (Thomas Chilcot); 7. Hark, hark, the lark (Thomas Chilcot); 8. To fair Fidele's grassy tomb (Thomas Arne); 9. Concerto No 9 in E minor (Robert Woodcock); 10. When daisies pied and violets blue (Richard Leveridge); 11. When daisies pied and violets blue (Thomas Arne); 12. When icicles hang on the wall (Thomas Arne); 13. You spotted snakes (John Christopher Smith); 14. Full fathom five (John Christopher Smith); 15. All fancy sick (Willem De Fesch); 16. Dry those eyes which are o'erflowing (John Weldon); 17. Dear pretty youth (Henry Purcell); 18. Honour, riches, marriage-blessing (Thomas Arne); 19. Where the bee sucks, there lurk I (Thomas Arne) Catherine Bott (sop), Rachel Brown (fl), The Parley Of Instruments dir. Peter Holman Hyperion CDA67450

Thomas Arne