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A Partial John Dowland Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
John Dowland The Collected Works 1. First Booke of Songs 1597; 2. Second Booke of Songs 1600; 3. Third Booke of Songs 1603; 4. A Pilgrimes Solace (Fourth Booke of Songs) 1612; 5. Mr Henry Noell Lamentations; 6. Lachrimae 1604; 7. Sacred Songs; 8.Psalms; 9. Consort Music; 10. Lute Music; 11. Keyboard transcriptions; 12. A Musicall Banquet 1610 (Robert Dowland); all in 12 CD set The Consort of Musicke dir. Anthony Rooley L'Oiseau-Lyre 452 563-2
John Dowland Complete Lute Works 5 CD set Paul O'Dette, lute and orpharion Harmonia Mundi HMX 2907160/64
Seaven Teares - Music of John Dowland Lacrimae, or Seaven Teares (1604) 1. Mistresse Nichols Almand; 2. M. George Whitehead his Almand; 3. Mr. John Langtons Pavan; 4. Come heavy sleepe; 5. M. Giles Hobies Galiard; 6. M. Nicholas Gryffith his Galiard; 7. Sorrow stay; 8. M Buctons Galiard; 9. M. Henry Noel his Galiard; 10. Go crystall teares; 11. The Earle of Essex Galiard; 12. Captaine Digorie Piper his Galiard; 13. The King of Denmarks Galiard; 14. Semper Dowland semper dolens; 15. Sir John Souch his Galiard; 16. 1 saw my Lady weepe; 17. Lachrimae Antiquae; 18. Lachrimae Antiquae Novae; 19. Lachrimae Gementes; 20. Lachrimae Tristes; 21. Lachrimae Coactae; 22. Lachrimae Amantis; 23. Lachrimae Verae; 24. Flow my teares The Kings Noysedir. David Douglass; Paul O'Dette (l), Ellen Hargis (sop) Harmonia Mundi HMU 907275
Lute Music of John Dowland   1. Sir John Smith's Almain; 2. Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard; 3. My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home; 4. Melancholy Galliard; 5. My Lady Hunsdon's Puffe; 6. Piper's Pavan; 7. The Earl of Essex Galliard; 8. Fantasie #1; 9. Fortune My Foe; 10. Lady Laiton's Almain; 11. Lachrimae; 12. Queen Elizabeth's Galliard; 13. Tarleton's Resurrection; 14. Mrs. Winter's Jump; 15. Preludium; 16. Dowland's Galliard; 17. Go Front My Window; 18. Round Battle Galliard; 19. What it a Day; 20. The Shoemaker's Wife; 21. A Fancy #5; 22. Mi. Dowland's Midnight; 23. Dr Case's Pavan; 24. Or lando Sleepeth; 25. Lady Clifton's Spirit; 26. Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens; 27. The Frog Galliard; 28. Mrs. While's Nothing Ronn McFarlane (l) Dorian DOR-90148
The Art of Melancholy Songs by John Dowland 1. Second Booke of Songes or Ayres: no 3, Sorrow sorrow stay, lend true repentant teares (John Dowland); 2. Firste Booke of Songes or Ayres: no 17, Come againe, sweet love doth now envite (John Dowland); 3. Firste Booke of Songes or Ayres: no 9, Go, crystall teares (John Dowland); 4. Winters Jomps, P 55 (John Dowland); 5. Second Booke of Songes or Ayres: no 1, I saw my lady weepe (John Dowland); 6. Second Booke of Songes or Ayres: no 2, Flow, my teares (John Dowland); 7. Firste Booke of Songes or Ayres: no 5, Can she excuse my wrongs? (John Dowland); 8. Third and Last Booke of Songes or Aires: no 3, Behold a wonder here (John Dowland); 9. Semper Dowland semper dolens, P 9 (John Dowland); 10. In darkness let mee dwell (John Dowland); 11. Third and Last Booke of Songes or Aires: no 2, Time stands still (John Dowland); 12. Firste Booke of Songes or Ayres: no 14, All ye whom love or fortune (John Dowland); 13. Third and Last Booke of Songes or Aires: no 7, Say love if ever thou didst find (John Dowland); 14. Lachrimae Pavan, P 15 (John Dowland); Performer: Thomas Dunford (Lute) 15. Firste Booke of Songes or Ayres: no 11, Come away, come sweet love (John Dowland); 16. A Pilgrimes Solace: no 5, Shall I strive with wordes to move (John Dowland); 17. Firste Booke of Songes or Ayres: no 8, Burst forth my teares (John Dowland); 18. Fortune, P 62 (John Dowland); 19. Firste Booke of Songes: no 20, Come, heavy sleepe (John Dowland); 20. Firste Booke of Songes or Ayres: no 6, Now, o now, I needs must part (John Dowland) Iestyn Davies (ct), Thomas Dunford (l) Hyperion CDA68007
'The Sypres Curten of the Night' Elizabethan & Jacobean Lute Songs 1. Never weather-beaten saile (Thomas Campion); 2. Author of light (Thomas Campion); 3. The Sypres Curten of the Night (Thomas Campion); 4. Since first I saw your face (Thomas Ford); 5. Faire, sweet, cruell (Thomas Ford); 6. What then is love sings Coridon (Thomas Ford); 7. Heres paternus (Anthony Holborne); 8. Griefe keepe within (John Danyel); 9. Drop not mine eies (John Danyel); 10. Have all our passions (John Danyel); 11. What then is love but mourning (Philip Rosseter); 12. Shall I come if I swim? (Philip Rosseter); 13. No grave for woe (Philip Rosseter); 14. The night watch (Anthony Holborne); 15. Muy linda (Anthony Holborne); 16. I saw my Lady weepe (John Dowland,); 17. Shall I strive with wordes to move? (John Dowland); 18. Sorrow, stay, lend true repentant teares (John Dowland); 19. Can she excuse my wrongs? (John Dowland); 20. Fantasia (Anthony Holborne); 21. Miserere my Maker (Anonymous) Michael Chance (ct), Christopher Wilson (l) Chandos CHAN 0538
Armada Music from the courts of England and Spain 1. Rejoice unto the Lord (Byrd); 2. Diferencias sobre "La dama le demanda" (Antonio de Cabezón); 3. Fantasia (Lopez); 4. Morenica dame (Miguel de Fuenllana); 5. Browning a 3 (Elway Bevin); 6. The Carman's Whistle, MB 36 (Byrd); 7. Psalmes, Sonets and Songs: Come to me, grief, forever (Byrd); 8. Trattado de glosas: Recercada secunda "sobre canto llano" (Diego Ortiz); 9. Fantasia 5 "Susana un jur" (Hernando de Cabezón); 10. Fantasia de redobles (Miguel de Fuenllana); 11. In angel's weed (Byrd); 12. Dulce memoria (Hernando de Cabezón); 13. Diferencias sobre "La Milanesa" (Antonio de Cabezón); 14. Recercada tercera (Diego Ortiz); 15. Pandolpho 1 "Pour down, you pow'rs divine" (Parsons); 16. Fantasia a 4 (White); 17. Quiento hizo (Esteban Daza); 18. In Nomine a 5 (Picforth); 19. Almain "The Honiesuckle" (Anthony Holborne); 20. Pavan "Paradizo" (Anthony Holborne); 21. Coranto "Fairy Round" (Anthony Holborne); 22. Fantasia a 5 in C major (Byrd); 23. Lachrimae or Seaven Teares: M. Bucton his Galiard (Dowland); 24. Lachrimae or Seaven Teares: Captaine Piper his Galiard (Dowland); 25. Fantasy a 4 (Bull); 26. Lachrimae or Seaven Teares: Lachrimae antiquae (Dowland); 27. Lachrimae or Seaven Teares: M. Nicholas Gryffith his Galiard (Dowland); 28. In Nomine à 5 (Alfonso (II) Ferrabosco); 29. Fantasias (2) 4 "for the great double bass": Excerpt(s) (Orlando Gibbons); 30. In Nomine 5 (Orlando Gibbons); 31. Aires for 2 Division Viols in C major: Pavan of Alfonso (Lawes); 32. Aires for 2 Division Viols in C major: Almaine of Alfonso (Lawes); 33. My Ladye Nevalls Booke: A Fancie on C (Byrd); 34. Consort Sett à 5 in C major (Lawes) Michael Chance (Countertenor), Christopher Wilson (Lute), Paul Nicholson (Harpsichord, Organ), Richard Booth (Bass Viola da gamba), Fretwork Virgin Veritas 7243 5 61821 2 7
The Knight of the Lute - Matthew Wadsworth Music from The Varietie of Lute Lessons 1. Sir John Smith, his Almain, for lute, P 47 (John Dowland); 2. Fantasie, for lute (Gregory Huwet); 3. Pavans for lute (Antony Holborne); 4. The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, her Galliard (Katherine Darcy's Galliard), for lute, P 41 (John Dowland); 5. Volt 1 for lute (Anon.); 6. Fantasie IV (Da Roma Laurencini); 7. Pavin, for lute (Daniel Batchelar); 8. Courante for lute (Robert Ballard); 9. Fantasie composed by the most Artificial & famous for lute (Alfonso Ferrabosco); 10. Pavin (Alfonso Ferrabosco); 11. Coranto for lute No. 6 (from "The Varietie of Lute Lessons, 1610") (Anon.); 12. Courante (Julien Perrichon); 13. Fantasie, for lute (Da Roma Laurencini); 14. Pavin (in honorem Johanni Dowlandi Anglorum Orphei), for lute (Moritz Landgraf Von Hessen); 15. The King of Denmark, his Galliard, for lute, P 40 (John Dowland); 16. Monsieur Saman his Coranto, for lute (Ren Saman); 17. The Right Honourable the Lady Cliftons Spirit for lute, P45 (Robert Dowland); 18. Pavin and galliard, for keyboard in F major (Thomas Morley); 19. The Right Honourable Ferdinando Earl of Derby, his Galliard, for lute (John Dowland) Matthew Wadsworth Channel Classics CCS SA 25408
Thomas Simpson An Englishman Abroad 1. Paduan; 2. Aria -- Mrs Nichols Almand; 3. M. John Langstons Pavan; other works by Simpson, Ferrabosco; Johnson; etc.   The Parley of Instrumentsdir.Peter Holman Hyperion 66435
Music For Lute I. England 1. The King of Denmark's Galliard; 2. Lachrimae Antique Pavan; 3. Fantasia; 4. My Lady Hunsdon's Puffe; 5. Melancholy Galliard; 6. Mrs Winter's Jump; 7. Semper Dowland semper dolens; 8. The Earl of Essex Galliard; 9. Forlorn Hope Fancy; others by Bulman, Morley, Cutting, Robert Johnson, Holborne Konrad Ragossnig Archiv 2533 157 (LP)
Elizabethan Lute Songs and Solos   1. Fine knacks for ladies; 2. Shall I sue; 3. Away with these self-loving lads; 4. In darkness let me dwell; 5. Tarletones risurrectione; 6. Galliard in D; 7. Come again: sweet love doth now invite; 8. What if I never speed?; 9. I saw my lady weep; 10. Awake, sweet love thou art return'd; others by Cutting, Campion, Rosseter, Morley Frank Patterson (ten), Robert Spencer (l) Philips 6500 282 (LP)
The Golden Age of English Lute Music   1. Mignarda (Galliard); 2. Galliard upon a galliard of Daniell Batchelar; 3. Batell Galliard; others by John Johnson, Cutting, Robert Johnson, Rosseter, Morley, Bulman, Batchelar, Holborne Julian Bream (l) RCA Victor LD 2560 (LP)
The Cozens Lute Book Selected Pieces 1. Fancy; 2. Lachrimae Pavan; 3. Frogg Galliard; others by Robinson, Batchelar, Danyel, Hollis, Smythe, Laurencini, Romani, Anon. Anthony Rooley (l) L'Oiseau Lyre DSLO 510 (LP)
English Ayres and Duets sung in authentic Elizabethan pronunciation 1. Fine knacks for ladies; 2. In darkness let me dwell; 3. Time's eldest son, Old Age; 4. Flow my tears; 5. Now, on now, I needs must part; 6. Come away, come, sweet love; 7. Humour, say what mak'st thou here; others by Campion, Ferrabosco II, Hume, Danyel, Pilkington. Jones The Camerata of London Hyperion A66003 (LP)
Greensleeves A Collection of English Lute Songs 1. In Darkness Let Me Dwell 2. Sorrow Stay; 3. Come Again; 4. Away With These Self Loving Lads; 5. Time Stands Still; other works by Ferrabosco II, Rosseter, Morley, Holborne, Cavendish, etc Julianne Baird (s); Ronn McFarlane (l) Dorian DOR-90126
Heavenly Noyse English Music for Mixed Consort from the Golden Age 1. Lachrimae; 2. Can She Excuse; 3. The Frog Galliard; others by Byrd, Morley, Philips, Campion, Nicholson, Lupo, Baxter, Holborne, Hume, Allison Dowland Consortdir.Jakob Lindberg Bis CD-451
The Spirit of Gambo English Consort and Solo Viol Music 1570-1680 1. Sit Fast (Tye); 2. Lachrimae Gementes (Dowland); 3. The Earle of Essex Galliarde (Dowland); 4. Harke, harke (Hume); 5. A Souldiers Resolution (Hume); 6. Fantasia V (Coprario); 7. Almaine III (Coprario); 8. Coranto (Coprario); 9. Fantasie X (Gibbons); 10. In Nomine (Gibbons); 11. Almaine (Ferrabosco II); 12. Coranto I (Ferrabosco II); 13. Coranto II (Ferrabosoco II); 14. The bell Pavan (Jenkins); 15. Walsingham (Corkine); 16. The Punckes delight (Corkine); 17. Suite No. II in D minor-major (Locke); 18. The Lancashire Pipes (Anon.); 19. Fantasia IX (Purcell); 20. Fantasia upon one note (Purcell) Hesperion XXdir.Jordi Savall Fontalis ES 9913
Lie Down, Poor Heart English Lutesongs & Folk Ballads 1. Say, Love, if ever thou didst find - John Dowland;  2. Sorrow stay - John Dowland;  3. I saw my lady weep - John Dowland;  4. Never weather' beaten sails - Thomas Campion;  5. Cuperaree (Lute Solo) John Coperario;  6. What if I seek for love of thee - Robert Jones;  7. Lie Down, Poor Heart - Robert Jones;  8. The Fairy Masque (Lute Solo) - Robert Johnson;  9. Mary, Young and Fair (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  10. The Isle of Aigas (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  11. Prelude (Lute Solo) Anonymous;  12. Corranto (Lute Solo) Anonymous;  13. A Coranto (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  14. Grays Inn mask (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  15. Howm againe Markget is done (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  16. Joane to the may pole (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  17. Variations on the Scottish air (Lute Solo) - Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738);  18. Black is the colour - Folksong;  19. I will give my love an apple - Folksong;  20. The Three Ravens - Folksong;  21. O waly, waly - Folksong;  22. Down by the Salley Gardens - Folksong;  23. Greensleeves - Folksong;  24. The foggy dew - Folksong;  Daniel Taylor (ct); Sylvain Bergeron (l) Dorian DOR-90287
"O Sweet Love" Byrd | Dowland 1. Ye sacred Muses (William Byrd); 2. A Fancy (John Dowland); 3. Shall I strive with words to move? (John Dowland); 4. Fortune (William Byrd); 5. Blame I confess (William Byrd); 6. Go From My Window (John Dowland); 7. Say, Love, if ever thou didst find (John Dowland); 8. My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home (John Dowland); 9. Come to me grief for ever (William Byrd); 10. The Bells (William Byrd); 11. Ah silly Soul (William Byrd); 12. The Carman's Whistle (William Byrd); 13. Lady Hunsdon's Puffe (John Dowland); 14. Come again (John Dowland); 15. Tregian's Ground (William Byrd) Daniel Taylor (ct), Les Voix Humaines, Stephen Stubbs (l) Atma ACD2-2207
A Candle in the Dark Elizabethan Songs and Consort Music 1. In darknesse let mee dwell; 2. Sorrow, stay!; 3. His golden locks time hath to silver turnde; others by Byrd, Picforth, Mundy, Tye, Campion, Ferrbosco, White Ellen Hargis (s), Drew Minter (ct), The Newberry Consort dir. Mary Springfels Harmonia Mundi HMU 907140
A Musicall Dreame Duets from 'A Musicall Dreame' (Fourth Book of Ayres, 1609) by (Robert Jones) 1. Though your strangeness frets my heart (Robert Jones); 2. Sweet Kate (Robert Jones); 3. Once did I serve a cruel heart (Robert Jones); 4. A Spanish Humour (The Lord Hayes'Favourite) (Tobias Hume); 5. Will said to his mammy (Robert Jones); 6. Hark!Hark! (Tobias Hume); 7. Hark!Wot ye what? (Robert Jones); 8. My complaining is but feigning (Robert Jones); 9. The King of Denmark's Health (Tobias Hume); 10. On a time in summer season (Robert Jones); 11. Farewell, fond youth (Robert Jones); 12. Lachrimae Pavan (John Dowland); 13. Grief of my best love's absenting (Robert Jones); 14. Giles Farnaby's Dream (Giles Farnaby); 15. His Rest (Giles Farnaby); 16. And is it night? Are they thine eyes that shine? (Robert Jones); 17. Farnaby’s Conceit (Giles Farnaby); 18. His Humour (Giles Farnaby); 19. Ite caldi sospiri (Robert Jones); 20. Intenerite, voi (Angelo Notari); 21. Flow my tears (John Dowland); 22. In darkness let me dwell (John Coprario); David Cordier, Michael Chance (ct), Tragicomedia dir. Stephen Stubbs Hyperion CDA 66335
Tanzmusik von der Renaisance bis zum Biedermeir Dance Music Through the Ages 1. Queen Elizabeth her Galliard; 2. Mrs Winter's Jump (Dowland); others var. in 4 CD set Ulsamer Collegiumdir.Eduard Melkus Archive 439 964-2
Jane Pickeringe's Lute Book   1. [A Toy] [#33](Anon.); 2. A Toye [#38](Anon.); 3. A Toye [69](Anon.); 4. Almaine by Francis Cuttinge [62](Cutting); 5. A Toye [30] (Anon.); 6. A Toye (Up Tails All)[72] (Anon.); 7. Drawe near me and lowe me [50] (Anon.); 8. A pavin by Rosseters [44] (Rosseter); 9. A galyard by Rosseters [45] (Rosseter); 10. My lord willoughbies welcome home by Mr byrde [68] (Byrd); 11. Myles Symes [46] (Batchelar?); 12. [Coranto][77] (Lespine?); 13. [An Allemande][87] (Anon.); 14. Galliard [93] (Anon.); 15. [A Country Dance][92] (Anon.); 16. Besse Bell [89] (Anon.); 17. Horne-pipe [91] (Anon.); 18. Sarabande [106] (Anon.); 19. de Sarabande [103] (Germain Pinel?); 20. A pavin by mr Johnsonn [36] (John Johnson); 21. A Crananto [Coranto][53] (Anon.); 22. [A Toy] [16] (Anon.); 23. A Toye [32] (Anon.); 24. A Toye [The Friar and the Nun] [73] (Anon.); 25 [A Toye] [49] (Anon.); 26. A pavin by Mr Daniell Bachler [47] (Batchelar); 27. A Galyard by Mr Daniell Bachler [57] (Batchelar); 28. A Fantasia [37] (Rosseter); 29. The Madley [74] (Anon.); 30. Sweet Robyne [35] (Dowland) Jacob Heringman (l) Avie AV0002
Musickes Sweetest Joyes Simpson | Dowland | Hume | Locke 1. Prelude in D (Christopher Simpson); 2. Divisions on a Ground (Simpson); 3. Prelude in e minor (Simpson); 4. Divisions on a Ground (Simpson); 5. A Pavin (Robert Jones); 6. Coranto (Corkine); 7. The Punckes Delight (Corkine); 8. A Pavin (Corkine); 9. Coranto (Corkine); 10. "Cease Leaden Slumber" (Hume); 11. Goode againe (Hume); 12. "What greater griefe" (Hume); 13. A Polish Ayre (Hume); 14. "Fain would I change that note" (Hume); 15. Preludium (Dowland); 16. "Go nightly cares" (Dowland); 17. (A piece without a title)(Dowland); 18. Coranto (Dowland); 19. "Lasso mia vita" (Dowland); 20. "Like hermit poor" (Lanier); 21. Suite in C minor/Major (Locke) Johanette Zomer (s); Peter Kooij (b), Mieneck van der Velden, Jaap ter Linden (v da g), Fred Jacobs (l) Channel Classics CCS 21204
English Music For Harpsichord   1. Melancholy Galliard (Dowland); 2. The Shoemaker's Wife (Dowland); 3. My Lady Hunsdowne's Puffe (Dowland); 4. Pavan FWVB 4 (Ferdinando Richardson); 5. Almand FWVB 14 (Anon.); 6. Dr Bull's Juell FWVB 138 (Bull); 7. In Nomine FWVB 37 (Bull); 8. Walsingham FWVB 1 (Bull); 9. The King's Hunt FWVB 135 (Bull); 10. Bonny Sweet Robin FWVB FWVB 15 (Munday); 11. Alman FWVB 172 (Morley); 12. The Fall of the Leafe FWVB 172 (Peerson); 13. Galiardas Passamezzo FWVB 57 (Byrd); 14. Nobodys Gigge FWVB 149 (Richard Farnaby); 15. Air (Purcell); 16. Canary (Purcell); 17. Ground (Croft) Zuzana Ruzickova (hpsd) Supraphon SUA ST 50787 (LP)
Altenglische Consortmusik   1. Lacrimae Pavin; others by Alison, Holborne, Lawes, Coperario, Strowgers, Ferrabosco II, Robert Johnson, Morley Konrad Ragossnig (l), The Linde-Consort EMI-Reflexe 1C063-30 105 (LP)
Madrigale und Orgelmusik der Englischen Renaissance   1. Say, Love, if ever thou didst find; others by Tomkins, Tallis, Redford, Gibbons, Tye, Weelkes, Carleton, Byrd, Edwards, Shelby, Blitheman, Morley The London Ambrosian Singersdir.John McCarthy Polyhymnia 1995 (LP)
Metaphysical Tobacco Songs and Dances by Dowland, East and Holborne 1. Sorrow Stay (arr. anon.); 2. Pavan No V; 3. What if I never speed?; 4. Galliard Can she excuse (arr. Tisdall (?)); 5. In this trembling shadow; 6. Lasso vita mia; 7. M. Thomas Collier his Galiard; 8. Away with these self-loving lads; 9. Pipers Galiard (arr. John Bull); 10 Welcome black night; and other works by Dowland and Michael East Musica Reservata dir.Michael Morrow; Purcell Consort of Voices dir.Grayston Burgess Argo ZRG 572 (LP)
Consortmusik auf Originalinstrumenten   1. Pavan in C a 4; others by Coperario, Simpson, Lawes, Purcell Leonhardt Consortdir.Gustav Leonhardt (hsd) Das Alte Werk SAWT 9576-B (LP)

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