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A Partial Robert Johnson (2) Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Shakespeare's Lutenist Theatre Music by Robert Johnson 1. Where the bee sucks; 2. Hark, hark! the lark; 3. Come hither, you that love; 4. As I walked forth; 5. Woods, rocks, and mountains; 6. 'Tis late and cold; 7. O let us howl; 8. Arm, arm!; 9. Come away, Hecate; 10. Fantasia; 11. Pavan; 12 Galliard; 13. Charon, oh Charon; 14. Away delights; 15. Come, heavy sleep; 16. Care-charming sleep; 17. Alman I; 18. Alman II; 19. Alman III; 20. Corant; 21. Full fathom five; 22. Have you seen the white lily grow?; 23. Adieu, fond love; 24. Come away, thou lady gay; 25. Tell me, dearest Emma Kirkby (sop); David Thomas (bass); Anthony Rooley (l) Virgin Classics CDC 7 59321-2
Johnson • Lawes • Humfrey • Purcell With endless teares 1. Have you seen but the bright lily grow (Robert Johnson); 2. Woods, rocks and mountains (Robert Johnson); 3. With endless tears (Robert Johnson); 4. Come hither you that love (Robert Johnson); 5. Come, heavy sleep (Robert Johnson); 6. Almain (Robert Johnson); 7. The Prince's Almain (Robert Johnson); 8. Mark how the blushful morn (Nicholas Lanier); 9. I wish no more (Nicholas Lanier); 10. No more shall meads be deck'd with flowers (Nicholas Lanier); 11. Almain (Robert Johnson); 12. Almain (Robert Johnson); 13. Amarillis by a spring (Henry Lawes); 14. Amintor's Welladay (Henry Lawes); 15. Sleep soft, you cold clay cinders (Henry Lawes); 16. Chloris dead, lamented by Amintor (Henry Lawes); 17. Courante (Jacques Gaultier); 18. Volte (Jacques Gaultier); 19. Ariadne's Lament (Henry Lawes); 20. Courante (Jacques Gaultier); 21. Cloches (Jacques Gaultier); 22. Cupid once, when weary grown (Pelham Humfrey); 23. Oh! That I had but a fine man (Pelham Humfrey); 24. O Love, if e'er thou'lt ease a heart (Pelham Humfrey); 25. How severe is forgetful old age (Pelham Humfrey); 26. If grief has any pow'r (Henry Purcell); 27. When first Amintas sued for a kiss (Henry Purcell); 28. Music for a while (Henry Purcell); 29. Farewell, all joys! (Henry Purcell) Johanette Zomer (sop), Fred Jacobs (l, theorbo) Channel Classics CCS SA 26609
Hark! hark! the lark Music for Shakespeare's Company 1. Hark! hark! the lark (attrib. Robert Johnson); 2 Get you hence (attrib. Robert Johnson); 3. The Tempest (attrib. Robert Johnson); 4. Where the bee sucks (Robert Johnson); 5. Full fathom five (Robert Johnson); 6. Tell me, dearest (Robert Johnson); 7. Oh, let us howl (Robert Johnson); 8. Care-charming sleep, (Robert Johnson); 9. Almand in G major (Robert Taylor arr. Thomas Simpson); 10. The Noble Man (Anon. arr. Johann Schop); 11. Fill See the chariot at hand (Anon.); 12. Take, O take those lips away (John Wilson); 13. Am, arm! the scouts are come in (Robert Johnson); 14. 'Tis late and cold (Robert Johnson); 15. Come away, Hecate (Robert Johnson); 16. The Witches' Dance (attrib. Robert Johnson); 17. Suite in G minor (Simon Ives); 18. The blushing rose (Anon.); 19. A bonny, bonny bird I have (John Wilson); 20. This lady ripe and fair (John Atkins); 21. Pavan in G minor (Simon Ives); 22. Why so pale and wan, fond lover? (William Lawes); 23. Hence, all ye vain delights (John Hilton); 24. A health to the northern lass (William Lawes); 25. Suite in C major (Simon Ives); 26. Come, my Daphne, come away (William Lawes); 27. Somnus, the humble god (William Lawes); 28 The cats, as other creatures do (William Lawes); 29. The Wagge (Simon Ives) Catherine Bott, JuliaGooding(sop), Joseph Cornwell (ten), Stephen Carcoe (bar), The Parley of Instruments dir. Peter Holman Hyperion CDA66836
The Rags of Time 17th C. English lute songs and dances 1. Sweetest love I do not goe (Anon.); 2. Spoken: The Sunne Rising (Donne); 3. Sweet stay a while (H. Lawes); 4. Break of day (W. Corkine); 5. Spoken: The good-morrow (Donne); 6. Wherefore peep'st thou (John Wilson); 7. Lute solo: John come kiss me now (Anon.); 8. Goe and catch a fallinge star (Anon.); 9. Spoken: The Flea (Donne); 10. The Expiration (A. Ferrabosco); 11. Spoken: The Apparition (Donne); 12. Lute solo: The Noble man (Robert Johnson); 13. Wilt thou forgive that sinne (John Hilton); 14. Lute solo: Pavan (Robert Johnson); 15. Spoken: The triple Foole (Donne); 16. Loves Sweet Repose (H. Lawes); 17. Love's Flattery (W. Lawes); 18. Guitar solo: Chaconne in D (F. Corbetta); 19. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may (W. Lawes); 20. The Rose (H. Lawes); 21. Theorbo solo: Prelude in A minor (John Wilson); 22. The Selfe Banished (H. Lawes); 23. Theorbo solo: Prelude in F (John Wilson); 24. Peace, mutt'ring thoughts (John Wilson); 25. Theorbo solo: Prelude in B flat (John Wilson); 26. Have you e'er seen the morning sun (H. Lawes) Paul Hillier (bar); Nigel North (l, theorbo, gtr) Harmonia Mundi HMU 907257
How The World Wags Social music for a 17th-century Englishman 1. JAMAICA or The Jovial Broom Man, or a Kent Soldier's exact relation of all his Travels in Every Nation, his Famous Acts are all Shown Here as in this Story doth appear (Anon.) 2. GALLIARD (Maurice Webster) 3. WHO LIVETH SO MERRY (Thomas Ravenscroft) 4. THE SAINT TURNED SINNER or The Dissenting Parson's Text Under the Quaker's Petticoats (Anon.) 5. AYRE from Little Consort Suite No 1 in G minor (Matthew Locke) 6. MARTIN SAID TO HIS MAN (Thomas Ravenscroft) 7. THE MILLER OF DEE (Anon.) 8. PACKINGTON'S POUND (Anon.) 9. POX ON YOU FOR A FOP (Henry Purcell) 10. THE HUNT IS UP (John Bennet) 11. ALMAIN (Cuthbert Hely) 12. THE JOLLY BARBER or The Barber fitted by a Wanton Miss of the Town (Anon.) 13. AS I WALKED FORTH or The Deceased Maiden Lover (Robert Johnson) 14. SELDOM CLEANLY to the tune 'Upon a Summer's Time' (Martin Parker) 15. SONATA IN G (William Croft) 16. TOMORROW THE FOX WILL COME TO TOWN (Thomas Ravenscroft) 17. THE WINCHESTER WEDDING (Thomas D'Urfey) 18. SARABAND from Little Consort Suite No 2 in C major (Matthew Locke) 19. GATHER YOUR ROSEBUDS (William Lawes) 20. A BELLMAN'S SONG (Thomas Ravenscroft) The City Waites Helios CDH55013
Thomas Simpson An Englishman Abroad 1. The Satyrs Dance; other works by Dowland, Ferrabosco; Thomas Simpson; etc. The Parley of Instrumentsdir.Peter Holman Hyperion 66435
A High Priz'd Noise Violin Music for Charles I 1. The Prince's Alman (Robert Johnson); 2. The Peince's Coranto (Robert Johnson); 3. Air in G minor (Robert Johnson); 4. Fantasia in G minor for three trebles (Robert Johnson); 5. The Temporiser (Robert Johnson); 6. The Witty Wanton (Robert Johnson); 7. Pavan in C major (Alfonso Ferrabosco II); 8. Alman in C major (Alfonso Ferrabosco II); 9. Alman in D minor (Maurice Webster); 10. Galliard in B flat major after Bocquet (Maurice Webster); 11. Echo No. 1 in D minor (Maurice Webster); 12. Echo No. 2 in G major (Maurice Webster); 13. Allamanda (Stephen Nau); 14. Galliarde (Stephen Nau); 15. Courante I (Stephen Nau); 16. Courante II (Stephen Nau); 17. Courante III (Stephen Nau); 18. Courante IV (Stephen Nau); 19. Sarabande (Stephen Nau); 20. Variations on the Ruggiero (Angelo Notari); 21. Alman in D major 'for the Violins of 2 Trebles' (William Lawes); 22. Ballet in F major (Stephen Nau); 23. Air in C minor (William Lawes); 24. Air in C minor (WilliamLawes); 25. Air in C major (William Lawes); 26. Air in C major (William Lawes); 27. Pavan in D minor (Stephen Nau); 28. Galliard in D minor (Stephen Nau) The Parley of Instruments Renaissance Violin Banddir. Peter Holman Hyperion CDA66806
Ben Jonson's The Masque of Oberon Music by Ferrabosco II, Johnson, Holborne 1. Almande 5 - The Princes Masque I; 2. Almande 6 - The Princes Masque II; 3. Now My Cunning Lady, Moon; 4. The Satyrs Dance; 5. Seek You, Majesty to Strike?; 6. The Fairies Dance; 7. The First of the Princes; 8. The Second of the Princes; 9. Nor Yet O You in This Night Blest; 10. The Third of the Princes; others by Holborne, Ferrabosco II, etc. Musicians of the Globedir.Philip Pickett Philips 446 217
Lie Down, Poor Heart English Lutesongs & Folk Ballads 1. The Fairy Masque (Lute Solo) - Robert Johnson;  2. Lie Down, Poor Heart - Robert Jones;  3. What if I seek for love of thee - Robert Jones;  4. Say, Love, if ever thou didst find - John Dowland;  5. Sorrow stay - John Dowland;  6. I saw my lady weep - John Dowland;  7. Cuperaree (Lute Solo) John Coperario;  8. Never weather' beaten sails - Thomas Campion;  9. Mary, Young and Fair (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  10. The Isle of Aigas (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  11. Prelude (Lute Solo) Anonymous;  12. Corranto (Lute Solo) Anonymous;  13. A Coranto (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  14. Grays Inn mask (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  15. Howm againe Markget is done (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  16. Joane to the may pole (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  17. Variations on the Scottish air (Lute Solo) - Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738);  18. Black is the colour - Folksong;  19. I will give my love an apple - Folksong;  20. The Three Ravens - Folksong;  21. O waly, waly - Folksong;  22. Down by the Salley Gardens - Folksong;  23. Greensleeves - Folksong;  24. The foggy dew - Folksong;  Daniel Taylor (ct); Sylvain Bergeron (l) Dorian DOR-90287
Masters of Early English Keyboard Music 1. Alman; others by Bull, Tomkins, Farnaby, Blitheman, Byrd, Preston, Locke, etc. Thurston Dart (h, org, clav) L'Oiseau Lyre OSL 114/8(LP)
Music For Lute I. England 1. Alman; others by Cutting, Morley, Dowland, Bulman, Batchelar, Holborne Konrad Ragossnig Archiv 2533 157 (LP)
Merry Melancholy R. Johnson | Th. Robinson 1. Pavan; 2. Alman; 3. Galliard 'My Lady Mildemays Delight'; 4. Pavan; 5. Carman's Whistle; 6. Pavan; 7. Alman 'Hit and take it'; 8. Fantasia; 9. Galliard; others by Thomas Robinson Konrad Junghänel (l) Accent ACC 8121 (LP)
Elizabethan and Jacobean Lute Music 1. Almaine; 2. Almaine; others by Dowland, John Johnson, Cutting, Thomas Robinson Stanley Buetens (l) Musical Heritage Society MHS 3124 (LP)
The Golden Age of English Lute Music 1. Almaine; 2. Almaine; 3. Carman's Whistle; others by John Johnson, Cutting, Dowland, Rosseter, Morley, Bulman, Batchelar, Holborne Julian Bream (l) RCA Victor LD 2560 (LP)
The English Lute Song 1. Woods, Rocks and Mountains; 2. Where the Bee Sucks; 3. Full Fathom Five; 4. Come Away, Hecate; 5. Alman: 'Hit and Take It'; 6. Come Hither You That Love; 7. Have You Seen But a White Lily Grow; 8. Alman; 9. Care, Charming Sleep; 10. O Let Us Howl; other works by Dowland, Morley, Campion, Ferrabosco, Brewer, Lanier, etc Julianne Baird (s); Ronn McFarlane (l) Dorian DOR-90109
Altenglische Consortmusik 1. The Fairy Masque; others by Alison, Holborne, Lawes, Coperario, Strowgers, Ferrabosco II, Strowgers, Morley Konrad Ragossnig (l), The Linde-Consort EMI-Reflexe 1C063-30 105 (LP)
Florid-Song und Gambenmusik in England um 1610-1660 1. Deerest love; 2. Care-charming sleep; others by Hume, Gibbons, Weelkes, Ward, Coperario, Campion, Robert Johnson, Locke, Lupo Studio der Frühen Musik; Concentus Musicus, Wien Das Alte Werk SAWT 9472-A (LP)

Robert Johnson (2)   IV M: England Through 1635