A Partial Robert Jones (2) Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Lie Down, Poor Heart English Lutesongs & Folk Ballads 1. What if I seek for love of thee - Robert Jones;  2. Lie Down, Poor Heart - Robert Jones;  3. I saw my lady weep - John Dowland;  4. Say, Love, if ever thou didst find - John Dowland;  5. Sorrow stay - John Dowland;  6. Never weather' beaten sails - Thomas Campion;  7. Cuperaree (Lute Solo) John Coperario;  8. The Fairy Masque (Lute Solo) - Robert Johnson;  9. Mary, Young and Fair (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  10. The Isle of Aigas (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  11. Prelude (Lute Solo) Anonymous;  12. Corranto (Lute Solo) Anonymous;  13. A Coranto (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  14. Grays Inn mask (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  15. Howm againe Markget is done (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  16. Joane to the may pole (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  17. Variations on the Scottish air (Lute Solo) - Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738);  18. Black is the colour - Folksong;  19. I will give my love an apple - Folksong;  20. The Three Ravens - Folksong;  21. O waly, waly - Folksong;  22. Down by the Salley Gardens - Folksong;  23. Greensleeves - Folksong;  24. The foggy dew - Folksong;  Daniel Taylor (ct); Sylvain Bergeron (l) Dorian DOR-90287
English Ayres and Duets sung in authentic Elizabethan pronunciation 1. Now what is love?; others by Dowland, Ferrabosco II, Hume, Campion, Danyel, Pilkington The Camerata of London Hyperion A66003 (LP)
Cries of London Music in Honour of Queen Elizabeth I 1. Benedicam Domino; others by Bennet, Edward Johnson, William Byrd, John Hilton, Morley, Ravenscroft, Whythorne, Tye, Dering Accademia Monteverdidir. Denis Stevens Schwann Musica Mundi VMS 2038 (LP)
The Triumphs of Oriana Compiled by Thomas Morley 1. The Lady Oriana (John Wilbye); 2. Sing, Shepherds All (Richard Nicholson); 3. Lightly She Whipped O'er The Dales (John Mundy); 4. Calm Was The Air And Clear The Sky (Richard Carlton); 5. Fantasia No. 2 (Holborne); 6. Hence Stars Too Dim Of Light (Michael East)_ ; 7. Come, Gentle Swains And Shephards' Dainty Daughters (Michael Cavendish); 8. With Angel's Face And Brightness (Daniel Norcombe); 9. The Nymphs And Shepherds Danced (George Marson); 10. Galliard (Holborne); 11. All Creatures Now Are Merry Merry-Minded (John Bennett); 12. Fair Nymphs, I Heard One Telling (John Farmer); 13. Fair Oriana, Seeming To Wink At Folly set by (Robert Jones); 14. The Fauns And Satyrs Tripping (Thomas Tomkins); 15. Galliard No.8 (Holborne); 16. Round About Her Charret, With All-admiring Strains (Ellis Gibbons); 17. With Wreaths Of Rose And Laurel (William Cobbold); 18. Thus Bonny-boots The Birthday Celebrated (John Holmes); 19. Long Live Fair Oriana. (Hark did you ever hear?) (Ellis Gibbons); 20. Fantasia No. 3 (Holborne); 21. Arise, Awake, Awake (Thomas Morley); 22. Hark! Did Ye Ever Hear So Sweet A Singing? (Thomas Hunt); 23. Fair Orian In The Morn (John Milton); 24. With Angel's Face And Brightness (George Kirbye); 25. Come, Blessed Bird (Edward Johnson); 26. Galliard (Byrd); 27. Hard By A Crystal Fountain (Thomas Morley); 28. Fair Oriana, Beauty's Queen (John Hilton); 29. Fair Cytherea Presents Her Doves (John Lisley); 30. As Vesta Was From Latmos Hill Descending (Thomas Weelkes) I Fagiolini Chandos Chaconne CHAN 0682
The Triumphs of Oriana Madrigals 1600 1. Fair Oriana, seeming to wink; other works by East, Tomkins, Weelkes, Morley,Wilbye, Johnson, etc. Pro Cantione Antiqua, London dir.Ian Partridge Archiv 2533 347(LP)
Musickes Sweetest Joyes Simpson | Dowland | Hume | Locke 1. Prelude in D (Christopher Simpson); 2. Divisions on a Ground (Simpson); 3. Prelude in e minor (Simpson); 4. Divisions on a Ground (Simpson); 5. A Pavin (Robert Jones); 6. Coranto (Corkine); 7. The Punckes Delight (Corkine); 8. A Pavin (Corkine); 9. Coranto (Corkine); 10. "Cease Leaden Slumber" (Hume); 11. Goode againe (Hume); 12. "What greater griefe" (Hume); 13. A Polish Ayre (Hume); 14. "Fain would I change that note" (Hume); 15. Preludium (Dowland); 16. "Go nightly cares" (Dowland); 17. (A piece without a title)(Dowland); 18. Coranto (Dowland); 19. "Lasso mia vita" (Dowland); 20. "Like hermit poor" (Lanier); 21. Suite in C minor/Major (Locke) Johanette Zomer (s); Peter Kooij (b), Mieneck van der Velden, Jaap ter Linden (v da g), Fred Jacobs (l) Channel Classics CCS 21204
A Musicall Dreame Duets from 'A Musicall Dreame' (Fourth Book of Ayres, 1609) by (Robert Jones) 1. Though your strangeness frets my heart (Robert Jones); 2. Sweet Kate (Robert Jones); 3. Once did I serve a cruel heart (Robert Jones); 4. A Spanish Humour (The Lord Hayes'Favourite) (Hume); 5. Will said to his mammy (Robert Jones); 6. Hark!Hark! (Hume); 7. Hark!Wot ye what? (Robert Jones); 8. My complaining is but feigning (Robert Jones); 9. The King of Denmark's Health (Hume); 10. On a time in summer season (Robert Jones); 11. Farewell, fond youth (Robert Jones); 12. Lachrimae Pavan (Dowland); 13. Grief of my best love's absenting (Robert Jones); 14. Giles Farnaby's Dream (Giles Farnaby); 15. His Rest (Giles Farnaby); 16. And is it night? Are they thine eyes that shine? (Robert Jones); 17. Farnaby’s Conceit (Giles Farnaby); 18. His Humour (Giles Farnaby); 19. Ite caldi sospiri (Robert Jones); 2O. Intenerite, voi (Angelo Notari); 21. Flow my tears (Dowland); 22. In darkness let me dwell (John Coprario); David Cordier, Michael Chance (ct), Tragicomedia dir. Stephen Stubbs Hyperion CDA 66335

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