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A Partial William Byrd Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
The Byrd Edition 1 Early Latin Church Music 1. Domine quis habitabit; 2. Omni tempore bendic Deum; 3. Christe redemptor; 4. Sermobe blando; etc The Cardinall's Musick, dir. Andrew Carwood ASV Gaudeamus GAU 170
The Byrd Edition 2 Early Latin Church Music 1. Ave regina caelorum; 2. O salutaris hostia; 3. In exitu Israel; 4. Deus in adjutorum; etc The Cardinall's Musick, dir. Andrew Carwood ASV Gaudeamus GAU 178
The Byrd Edition 3 Early Latin Church Music 1. Circumspice Jerusalem; 2. Te lucis ante terminum; 3. Petrus beatus; 4. Reges Tharsis et insulae; etc. The Cardinall's Musick, dir. Andrew Carwood ASV Gaudeamus GAU 179
The Byrd Edition 4 Cantiones sacrae 1575   The Cardinall's Musick, dir. Andrew Carwood ASV Gaudeamus GAU 197
The Cardinall's Musick Byrd Edition Volume 11 Hodie Simon Petrus Cantiones Sacrae 1591: 1. Descendit de caelis; 2. Haec dicit Dominus; 3. Miserere mei, Deus; 4. Recordare, Domine; 5. Exsurge, quare obdormiss Domine?; 6. Levemus corda; 7. Circumdederunt me; Gradualia 1607: 8. Propers for the Holy Aposstles Peter and Paul; 9. Hodie Simon Petrus; 10. Tu es pastor ovium; 11. Quodcumque ligaveris; 12. Solve, iubente Deo The Cardinall's Musick, dir. Andrew Carwood Hyperion CDA67653
The Cardinall's Musick Byrd Edition Volume 12 Assumpta est Maria Propers For The Nativity Of The Virgin: 1. Salve sancta parens; 2. Benedicta et venerabilis; 3. Felix es, sacra Virgo; 4. Beata es, Virgo Maria; 5. Beata viscera; 6. Quem terra, pontus, aethera; 7. Salve regina a 4; 8. O gloriosa Domina; Propers For The Annunciation To The Virgin: 9. Vultum tuum; 10. Diffusa est gratia; 11. Ave Maria; 12. Ecce virgo concipiet - Alleluia; 13. Memento, salutis auctor; 14. Salve sola Dei genetrix; 15. Ave maris stella; Propers For The Assumption Of The Virgin: 16. Gaudeamus omnes in Domino; 17. Propter veritatem et mansuetudinem; 18. Assumpta est Maria; 19. Optimam partem elegit The Cardinall's Musick, dir. Andrew Carwood Hyperion CDA67675
The Cardinall's Musick Byrd Edition The Great Service The Great Service: 1. Venite; 2. Te Deum; 3. Benedictus; 4. Kyrie; 5. Creed; 6. Magnificat; 7. Nunc dimittis; Psalms, Songs and Sonnets 1611: 8. Praise our Lord all ye Gentiles; 9. Make ye joy to God all the earth; 10. Turn our captivity, O Lord; 11. This day Christ was born; Songs of Sundrie Natures 1589: 12. Unto the hils mine eyes I lift The Cardinall's Musick, dir. Andrew Carwood Hyperion CDA67937
Cantiones Sacrae 1575     Choir of New College Oxford; Higginbotham CRD 3492
Cantiones Sacrae 1589   In resurrectione tua; Aspice Domine de sede; O quam gloriosum est; Vigilate; etc Choir of New College Oxford; Higginbotham CRD 3420
Cantiones Sacrae 1591     Choir of New College Oxford; Higginbotham CRD  3439
The Three Masses   Mass for five voices, Mass for four voices, Mass for three voices The Tallis Scholars Gimell 454 945-2
Byrd/Taverner Mass for four voices, 4 Motets/Sacred Music Mass for four voices; Ne Irascaris Domine; Domine, Non Sum Dignis; Haec Dicit Dominus; Ave Verum Corpus Pro Cantione Antiqua dir. Bruno Turner ASV Quicksilva QS6132
Mass for Five Voices with the Propers for All Saints' Day, Motets Mass for Five Voices, Motets Christ Church Cathedral Choir Nimbus NI 5237
Mass for Five Voices Music for the Feast of Corpus Christi Mass for Five Voices, Motets Winchester Cathedral Choir Hyperion CDA 66837
William Byrd Second Service & Consort Anthems 1. Arise, O Lord (2nd part: Help us, O God) 2. O God, that guides the cheerful sun 3. Alack, when I look back 4. In nomine a5 (II) (instrumental) 5. Second Service (Magnificat) 6. Fantasia in D minor (organ solo) 7. Second Service (Nunc dimittis) 8. In nomine a5 (IV) (instrumental) 9. Blessed is he that fears the Lord 10. Thou God that guid'st 11. O Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth 12. Fantasia in A minor (organ solo) 13. Lord in thy wrath 14. In nomine a5 (V) (instrumental) 15. Have mercy upon me, O God 16. Why do I use my paper, ink and pen? 17. Prevent us, O Lord The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford dir. Bill Ives, Fretwork Harmonia Mundi HMU 907440
William Byrd The Great Service 1. ANTHEM: O Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth; 2. THE GREAT SERVICE: Venite; 3.THE GREAT SERVICE: Te Deum; 4. THE GREAT SERVICE: Benedictus; 5. THE GREAT SERVICE: Kyrie; 6. THE GREAT SERVICE: Creed; 7. ANTHEM: Prevent us, O Lord; 8. ORGAN VOLUNTARY: Voluntary for my Lady Nevell; 9. ANTHEM: How long shall mine enemies?; 10. HE GREAT SERVICE: Magnificat; 11. THE GREAT SERVICE: Nunc dimittis; 12. ANTHEM: Out of the deep; 13. ORGAN VOLUNTARY: Fancy for my Lady Nevell; 14. ANTHEM: Christ rising again from the dead; 15. ANTHEM: Sing joyfully The Choir of Westminster Abbey dir. James O'Donnell, Robert Quinney (org) Hyperion CDA 67533
Complete Keyboard Music   1. Rowland, or Lord Willoughby's Welcome home, MB 7; 2. The Bells, MB 38; 3. French Corantos (3) for Keyboard, MB 21; 4. Hugh Aston's Ground, MB 20; 5. Callino casturame, MB 35; 6. Fantasia in C major no 1, MB 26; 7. The Carman's Whistle, MB 36; etc. Davitt Moroney Hyperion CDA 66551/7
Byrd Missa in tempore paschali In Tempore Paschali; In Assumptione Beatae Mariae Virginis; Antiphons Chanticleer Harmonia Mundi 905182
William Byrd Consort Songs 1. Rejoice unto the Lord; 2. Ah silly Soul; 3. An aged dame; 4. O dear life, when may it be; 5. Come to me, grief, for ever; 6. Who likes to love; 7. O that most rare breast; 8. All as a sea; 9. Ye sacred Muses; 10. Constant Penelope; 11. O God that guides the cheerful sun; 12. Lullaby: My sweet little baby; 13. How vain the toils Robin Blaze (ct), Concordia Hyperion CDA67397
With Lilies White Consort Songs & Music for Viols O Lord, within thy tabernacle, In Nomine (I), Quis me statim, In Nomine (IV), With lilies white, Fantasia à 5, Wretched Albinus, In Nomine (II), Blame I confess, Prelude & Ground, Ye sacred muses, In Nomine (V), Rejoice unto the lord, Browning, etc.  Gérard Lesne, Wieland Kuijken, Ensemble Orlando Gibbons Virgin Veritas 5-45264-2
William Byrd Complete Consort Music 1. Fantasia a3 (III); 2. Browning a5 (The Leaves be green); 3. Te lucis a4; 4. In nomine a5 (III); 5. Christe redemptor omnium a4; 6. In nomine a5 (IV); 7. Fantasia a4 (III); 8. Sermone Blando a3; 9. Fantasia a5 (Two parts in one in the 4th above); 10. Fantasia a6 (I) (A Song of two basses); 11. Fantasia a3 (I); 12. Christe qui Lux es a4 (I); 13. In nomine a5 (II) ('on the sharp'); 14. Christe qui Lux es a4 (II); 15. In nomine a4 (II); 16. Fantasia a6 (II); 17. Miserere a4; 18. Fantasia a4 (I); 19. Christe qui Lux es a4 (III); 20. In nomine a5 (V); 21. In nomine a4 (I); 22. Pavan and Galliard a6; 23. Fantasia a6 (III) ('to the vyolls'); 24. Pavan and Galliard a5; 25. Sermone Blando a 4 (II); 26. Fantasia a3 (II); 27. Prelude and Goodnight Ground a5 Phantasm Linn CKD372
Byrd Song   1. La Verginella; 2. Fantasia a 4; 3. Rejoice Unto The Lord; 4. In Fields Abroad; etc. Phantasm w. Geraldine McGreevy (s), Ian Partridge (t) Simax PSC 1191
Byrd Consort and Keyboard Music, Songs and Anthems 1. Pavan; 2. Galliard; 3. Susanna Fair; 4. Rejoice Unto The Lord; etc. Rose Consort of Viols w. Red Byrd Naxos 8.550604
For His Majestys Sagbutts and Cornetts English Music from Henry VIII to Charles II 1. In nomine V a 5; others by Henry VIII, Alwood, Tye, Bull, Coprario, Brade, etc. His Majestys Sagbutts and Cornetts Hyperion CDA 66894
Music of William Byrd   1. Prelude and Voluntary; 2. Rejoice Unto The Lord; 3. Fantasias; 4. Delight Is Dead; etc New York Consort of Viols Lyrichord LEMS 8015
William Byrd Virginals and Consorts 1. Fantasia a 6; 2. Pavan & Galliard: Kinsborough Good; 3. The Queen's Alman/hugh Ashton's Ground; etc Skip Sempé, Capriccio Stravangante Auvidis Astrée E8611
The Early Byrd Early works for voices, viols and virginals 1. Atollite Portas; 2. Triumph with pleasant melody; 3. O Lord how vain; 4. All in a garden green; etc Sophie Yates, Fretwork Chaconne CHAN 0578
The Caged Byrd Music for voices, viols & harpsichord, form a time of persecution 1. Vigilate; 2. Crwon'd with flow'rs and lilies; 3. the Tennthe Pavan; 4. O quam Gloriosam est regnum; etc. Sophie Yates, Fretwork Chaconne CHAN 0609
Armada Music from the courts of England and Spain 1. Rejoice unto the Lord (Byrd); 2. Diferencias sobre "La dama le demanda" (Antonio de Cabezón); 3. Fantasia (Lopez); 4. Morenica dame (Miguel de Fuenllana); 5. Browning a 3 (Elway Bevin); 6. The Carman's Whistle, MB 36 (Byrd); 7. Psalmes, Sonets and Songs: Come to me, grief, forever (Byrd); 8. Trattado de glosas: Recercada secunda "sobre canto llano" (Diego Ortiz); 9. Fantasia 5 "Susana un jur" (Hernando de Cabezón); 10. Fantasia de redobles (Miguel de Fuenllana); 11. In angel's weed (Byrd); 12. Dulce memoria (Hernando de Cabezón); 13. Diferencias sobre "La Milanesa" (Antonio de Cabezón); 14. Recercada tercera (Diego Ortiz); 15. Pandolpho 1 "Pour down, you pow'rs divine" (Parsons); 16. Fantasia a 4 (White); 17. Quiento hizo (Esteban Daza); 18. In Nomine a 5 (Picforth); 19. Almain "The Honiesuckle" (Anthony Holborne); 20. Pavan "Paradizo" (Anthony Holborne); 21. Coranto "Fairy Round" (Anthony Holborne); 22. Fantasia a 5 in C major (Byrd); 23. Lachrimae or Seaven Teares: M. Bucton his Galiard (Dowland); 24. Lachrimae or Seaven Teares: Captaine Piper his Galiard (Dowland); 25. Fantasy a 4 (Bull); 26. Lachrimae or Seaven Teares: Lachrimae antiquae (Dowland); 27. Lachrimae or Seaven Teares: M. Nicholas Gryffith his Galiard (Dowland); 28. In Nomine à 5 (Alfonso (II) Ferrabosco); 29. Fantasias (2) 4 "for the great double bass": Excerpt(s) (Orlando Gibbons); 30. In Nomine 5 (Orlando Gibbons); 31. Aires for 2 Division Viols in C major: Pavan of Alfonso (Lawes); 32. Aires for 2 Division Viols in C major: Almaine of Alfonso (Lawes); 33. My Ladye Nevalls Booke: A Fancie on C (Byrd); 34. Consort Sett à 5 in C major (Lawes) Michael Chance (Countertenor), Christopher Wilson (Lute), Paul Nicholson (Harpsichord, Organ), Richard Booth (Bass Viola da gamba), Fretwork Virgin Veritas 7243 5 61821 2 7
The Golden Age of English Cathedral Music   1. Laudibus in Sanctis; others by Tallis, Gibbons, Weelkes, Morley, Taverner Winchester Cathedral Choirdir.Martin Neary, viols of the Consort of Musicke ASV Gaudeamus GAU 119
Ye Sacred Muses Consort Songs and Instrumental Music by William Byrd and Orlando Gibbons 1. Come, pretty babe; 2. Constant Penelope; 3. Ambitious love; 4. Browning my dear; 5. In nomine in d minor; 6. Fair Britain Isle; 7. If women could be fair; 8. Ah, silly soul; others by Gibbons The Royal Consort, David Cordier (ct) Globe GLO 5159
"O Sweet Love" Byrd | Dowland 1. Ye sacred Muses (William Byrd); 2. A Fancy ( Dowland); 3. Shall I strive with words to move? (John Dowland); 4. Fortune (William Byrd); 5. Blame I confess (William Byrd); 6. Go From My Window (John Dowland); 7. Say, Love, if ever thou didst find (John Dowland); 8. My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home (John Dowland); 9. Come to me grief for ever (William Byrd); 10. The Bells (William Byrd); 11. Ah silly Soul (William Byrd); 12. The Carman's Whistle (William Byrd); 13. Lady Hunsdon's Puffe (John Dowland); 14. Come again (John Dowland); 15. Tregian's Ground (William Byrd) Daniel Taylor (ct), Les Voix Humaines, Stephen Stubbs (l) Atma ACD2-2207
Robin Hood Elizabethan Ballad Settings 1. I Cannot keepe my wyfe at howme (Anon.); 2. Up tails all (Anon.); 3, The Spanish Pavane (Anon.); 4 . Robin Hoode (Mr. Ascue); 5 John com Kisse me now (Anon.); 6, Chromatica Pavana (Philips); 7 Galliard (Philips); 8, Sueit smyling Katie loves me (Anon.) (Scottish); 9 Put on your sark on Monenday (Anon.); 10. Buckinghames branle (Anon.); 11. The Laydie Louthians like (Anon.); 12, La Volta (Byrd); 13, Wolseys Wilde (Byrd); 14, Pavana Bray set by Fr[ancis] Cutting (Byrd); 15. Galiarda (Byrd); 16, Will yew walke the woods soe wylde (Byrd); 17. My lord willoughbies welcom home (Byrd); 18. Pavin (Rosseter); 19. Galliard (Rosseter); 20. Lusty Gallant (Anon.); 21. [A Ground] (Anon.); 22. Home again, market is done (Anon.); 23. Trenchmore (Anon.); 24. Mall Symes (Anon.) Paul O'Dette (l) Harmonia Mundi HMU 907265
Jane Pickeringe's Lute Book   1. [A Toy] [#33](Anon.); 2. A Toye [#38](Anon.); 3. A Toye [69](Anon.); 4. Almaine by Francis Cuttinge [62](Cutting); 5. A Toye [30] (Anon.); 6. A Toye (Up Tails All)[72] (Anon.); 7. Drawe near me and lowe me [50] (Anon.); 8. A pavin by Rosseters [44] (Rosseter); 9. A galyard by Rosseters [45] (Rosseter); 10. My lord willoughbies welcome home by Mr byrde [68] (Byrd); 11. Myles Symes [46] (Batchelar?); 12. [Coranto][77] (Lespine?); 13. [An Allemande][87] (Anon.); 14. Galliard [93] (Anon.); 15. [A Country Dance][92] (Anon.); 16. Besse Bell [89] (Anon.); 17. Horne-pipe [91] (Anon.); 18. Sarabande [106] (Anon.); 19. de Sarabande [103] (Germain Pinel?); 20. A pavin by mr Johnsonn [36] (John Johnson); 21. A Crananto [Coranto][53] (Anon.); 22. [A Toy] [16] (Anon.); 23. A Toye [32] (Anon.); 24. A Toye [The Friar and the Nun] [73] (Anon.); 25 [A Toye] [49] (Anon.); 26. A pavin by Mr Daniell Bachler [47] (Batchelar); 27. A Galyard by Mr Daniell Bachler [57] (Batchelar); 28. A Fantasia [37] (Rosseter); 29. The Madley [74] (Anon.); 30. Sweet Robyne [35] (Dowland) Jacob Heringman (l) Avie AV0002
Elizabethan Songs and Consort Music 1. Quis me statim; 2. Ye sacred muses; other works by Parsons, Farrant, Taverner, Tye, Mundy, Pattrick, Bennet, Tallis Rose Consort of Viols, Catherine King (ms) Naxos 8.554284
A Candle in the Dark Elizabethan Songs and Consort Music 1. Prelude and ground à 5; 2. Come woeful Orpheus; 3. An aged dame; others by Picforth, Dowland, Mundy, Tye, Campion, Ferrabosco, John Johnson,White Ellen Hargis (s), Drew Minter (ct), The Newberry Consort dir. Mary Springfels Harmonia Mundi HMU 907140
The Triumphs of Oriana Compiled by Thomas Morley 1. The Lady Oriana (John Wilbye); 2. Sing, Shepherds All (Richard Nicholson); 3. Lightly She Whipped O'er The Dales (John Mundy); 4. Calm Was The Air And Clear The Sky (Richard Carlton); 5. Fantasia No. 2 (Holborne); 6. Hence Stars Too Dim Of Light (Michael East)_ ; 7. Come, Gentle Swains And Shephards' Dainty Daughters (Michael Cavendish); 8. With Angel's Face And Brightness (Daniel Norcombe); 9. The Nymphs And Shepherds Danced (George Marson); 10. Galliard (Holborne); 11. All Creatures Now Are Merry Merry-Minded (John Bennett); 12. Fair Nymphs, I Heard One Telling (John Farmer); 13. Fair Oriana, Seeming To Wink At Folly set by (Robert Jones); 14. The Fauns And Satyrs Tripping (Thomas Tomkins); 15. Galliard No.8 (Holborne); 16. Round About Her Charret, With All-admiring Strains (Ellis Gibbons); 17. With Wreaths Of Rose And Laurel (William Cobbold); 18. Thus Bonny-boots The Birthday Celebrated (John Holmes); 19. Long Live Fair Oriana. (Hark did you ever hear?) (Ellis Gibbons); 20. Fantasia No. 3 (Holborne); 21. Arise, Awake, Awake (Thomas Morley); 22. Hark! Did Ye Ever Hear So Sweet A Singing? (Thomas Hunt); 23. Fair Orian In The Morn (John Milton); 24. With Angel's Face And Brightness (George Kirbye); 25. Come, Blessed Bird (Edward Johnson); 26. Galliard (Byrd); 27. Hard By A Crystal Fountain (Thomas Morley); 28. Fair Oriana, Beauty's Queen (John Hilton); 29. Fair Cytherea Presents Her Doves (John Lisley); 30. As Vesta Was From Latmos Hill Descending (Thomas Weelkes) I Fagiolini Chandos Chaconne CHAN 0682
"Heavenly Noyse" English Music for Mixed Consort from the Golden Age 1. My Lord of Oxenford's Masque; others by Allison, Morley, Philips, Campion, Nicholson, Lupo, Baxter, Holborne, Hume, Dowland Dowland Consortdir.Jakob Lindberg Bis CD-451
Taverner & Tudor Church Music II Gloria tibi Trinitas Plainchant antiphon: Gratias tibi Deus; Magnificat Regale (Robert Fayrfax); Plainchant Introit: Benedicta sit; Gloria tibi Trinitas - Gloria (John Taverner); Christe qui lux es et dies (III) (Robert White); Plainchant Gradual: Benedictus es; Gloria tibi Trinitas - Credo (John Taverner); Christe qui lux es et dies (IV) (Robert White); Plainchant antiphon: Gloria tibi Trinitas; Gloria tibi Trinitas - Sanctus (John Taverner); Gloria tibi Trinitas - Benedictus (John Taverner); Christe qui lux es et dies (William Byrd); Plainchant hymn: Iam sol recedit igneus; Gloria tibi Trinitas - Agnus Dei (John Taverner); Te lucis ante terminum (Thomas Tallis) Ars Nova Copenhagen Ars Nova (Da Capo) 8.226056
Coronation Music for Charles II 22 April 1661 1. The song called trumpets (Parsons); 2. L'Entrée, A Cheval, Cavalcade & Double Cavalcade, La Retraite (Mersenne); 3. 5-part things for the cornetts (Locke); 4. Entrata Imperiale (Fantini); 5. O Lord, grant the King a long life (William Child); 6. In nomine à 5 (Byrd); 7. The King shall rejoice (Humfrey) 8. Miserere à 4 (Byrd); 9. Te Deum: "The King" (Humfrey); 10. Pavana à 5, Galliarda à 5, Pavana à 5, Galiarda & Coranto à 5 (Augustine Bassano); 11. Fantazia 2 à 6 (William Lawes); 12. Pavan à 6 (Augustine Bassano); 13. Almand à 6 (Anon.); 14. Browning à 5 "The leaves be green" (Byrd); 15. Courtly Masquing Ayres à 5 Nos 19-21 (John Adson) Psallentes, Oltremontano dir. Wim Becu Accent ACC24300
Parthenia William Byrd | John Bull | Orlando Gibbons 1. Galiardo [No. 16] (Gibbons); 2. Fantazia of Foure Parts [No. 17] (Gibbons); 3. The Lord of Salisbury His Pavin [No. 18] (Gibbons); 4. Galiardo [No. 19] (Gibbons); 5. The Queenes Command [No. 20] (Gibbons); 6. Preludium [No. 21] (Gibbons); 7. Preludium [No. 1] (Byrd); 8. Pavana, Sir William Petre [No. 2] (Byrd); 9. Galiardo, Sir William Petre [No. 3] (Byrd); 10. Preludium [No. 4] (Byrd); 11. Galiardo, Mris Marye Browning [No. 5] (Byrd); 12. Pavana, The Earle of Salisbury [No. 6] (Byrd); 13. Galiardo, The Earle of Salisbury [No. 7] (Byrd); 14. Galiarde Secunde, Mris Marye Browning [No. 8] (Byrd); 15. Preludium [No. 9] (Bull); 16. Pavana St Thomas Wake [No. 10] (Bull); 17. Galiardo St Thomas Wake [No. 11] (Bull); 18. Pavana [No. 12] (Bull); 19. Galiardo [No. 13] (Bull); 20. Galiardo [No. 14] (Bull); 21. Galiardo [No. 15] (Bull) Colin Tilney (hpsd) Vogue CV24002 (LP)
Music for Virginal Original Instruments 1. Pavan (Gibbons); 2. Galliard (Gibbons); 3. Prelude (Byrd); 4. Passamezzo Pavan); 5. Passamezzo Galliard; 6. The Hunt's Up (Byrd); 7. Why Ask You (Farnaby); 8. Why Ask You (Bull); 9. Prelude (Bull); 10. Chromatic Pavan (Queen Elizabeth's) (Bull); 11. Chromatic Galliard (Bull); 12. Pavan (Tomkins); The Hunting Galliard (Tomkins) Colin Tilney (hpsd, vir) Archive 2533 379 (LP)
English Music For Harpsichord   1. Melancholy Galliard (Dowland); 2. The Shoemaker's Wife (Dowland); 3. My Lady Hunsdowne's Puffe (Dowland); 4. Pavan FWVB 4 (Ferdinando Richardson); 5. Almand FWVB 14 (Anon.); 6. Dr Bull's Juell FWVB 138 (Bull); 7. In Nomine FWVB 37 (Bull); 8. Walsingham FWVB 1 (Bull); 9. The King's Hunt FWVB 135 (Bull); 10. Bonny Sweet Robin FWVB FWVB 15 (Munday); 11. Alman FWVB 172 (Morley); 12. The Fall of the Leafe FWVB 172 (Peerson); 13. Galiardas Passamezzo FWVB 57 (Byrd); 14. Nobodys Gigge FWVB 149 (Richard Farnaby); 15. Air (Purcell); 16. Canary (Purcell); 17. Ground (Croft) Zuzana Ruzickova (hpsd) Supraphon SUA ST 50787 (LP)
Thomas Tallis: Lamentationes Jeremiae | William Byrd: Missa Tres Vocum 1. Mass for Three Voices; 2. The Lamentations of Jeremiah(Tallis) Pro Cantione Antiqua, Londondir.Bruno Turner Archiv 2533 113(LP)
A Consort Of Musicke Bye William Byrde and Orlando Gibbons 1. The Firste Pavan and Galliarde; 2. Hughe Ashton's Grownde; 3. Pavana the Sixte and Galliard; 4. A Voluntary; 5. Sellinger's Rownde; others by Gibbons Glenn Gould Columbia Masterworks M 30825 (LP)
The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book Selection 1. A Gigg; 2. Jhon come kiss me now; 3. The Queenes Alman; 4. La Volta; 5. Alman; 6. Wolseys Wilde; 7. Callino Casturame; 8. La Volta; others by Farnaby, Philips, Bull, Tisdale, Philips, Inglott, Edward Johnson, Peerson, John Munday, anon. Christopher Hogwood L'Oiseau Lyre D261D2 (LP)
Masters of Early English Keyboard Music 1. Lord Willobys Welcome Home; 2. The First Pavan and Galliard; 3. The Queen's Alman; 4. The Fifth Pavan and Galliard; 5. The First French Coranto; 6. Pavan and two Galliards 'The Earl of Salisbury; others by Bull, Tomkins, Farnaby, Blitheman, gibbons, Preston, Locke, etc. Thurston Dart (h, org, clav) L'Oiseau Lyre OSL 114/8(LP)
Altenglische Consortmusik 1. My Lord of Oxenfords Masque; 2. The Leaves be green; others by Alison, Holborne, Lawes, Coperario, Strowgers, Ferrabosco II, Robert Johnson, Morley Konrad Ragossnig (l), The Linde-Consort EMI-Reflexe 1C063-30 105 (LP)
Madrigale und Orgelmusik der Englischen Renaissance 1. Though Amaryllis dance; others by Carleton, Tallis, Redford, Gibbons, Tye, Weelkes, Edwards, Tomkins, Shelbye, Dowland, Blitheman, Morley The London Ambrosian Singersdir.John McCarthy Polyhymnia 1995 (LP)

William Byrd   |   IV M: England Through 1635