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A Partial Thomas Morley Discography

)others by Carleton, Tallis, Redford, Tomkins, Tye, Weelkes, Edwards, Byrd, Shelbye, Dowland, Blitheman,
AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
The First Booke of Ayres 1600 To Sing And Play To The Lute, with The Base Viole 1. A Painted Tale; 2. Thyrsis and Milla; 3. With My Love; 4. I Saw My Lady Weeping; etc. Nigel Rogers, (t);N. Harnoncourt, (v da g); E. Dombois(l) Das Alte Werke SAWT 9568-B(LP)
The Silver Swan English Madrigals 1. Arise, awake; 2. Besides a fountain; 3. No, no, no, no, Nigella; 4. Singing alone; 5. With my love; ten others, other works by Gibbons, Wilbye The Consort of Musickedir.Anthony Rooley Decca 458 093-2
Heavenly Noyse English Music For Mixed Consort From The Golden Age 1. Joyne Hands; 2. The Sacred End Pavan; 3. Now Is The Month of May; 4. Fantasia: Il Lamento; other works by Byrd, Dowland, Campion, Holborne, Allison, Hume, Phillips, Lupo etc. Dowland Consort dir.Jakob Lindberg (l) Bis CD-451
English Music For The Virginal circa 1600 1. Nancie; 2. Fantasia; other works by Bull, Farnaby, etc. Gustav Leonhardt (virg., hpsd) Das Alte Werke SAWT 9491-A(LP)
Dances For Broken Consort from "First Booke of Consort Lessons," 1599 1. Lavolto; 2. La Corante; 3. Mounsieur's Almain (Byrd); etc. The Morley Consort dir.David Munrow Testament SBT 1080
The Ladyes Delight--Entertainment Music of Elizabethan England incl. work fr. The First book of Consort Lessons 1. Lavolto; 2. La Corante; 3. The Lord Souches Maske; 4. Sola Soletta; 5. My Lorde of Oxenfords Maske; 6. O Mistris Mine; and other works The Baltimore Consort Dorian DOR-90252
Italian and English Madrigals   1. Cantiam lieti cantiamo (Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi); 2. E d'un bel matin d'amore (Antonio Caprioli); 3. Quella bella e biancha mano (Antonio Caprioli); 4. Una leggiadra nimpha (Antonio Caprioli); 5. Venite amanti insieme (Loyset Compere); 6. Divini occhi sereni (Philippe Verdelot); 7. Con l'angelico riso, (Philippe Verdelot); 8. Madonna, il tuo bel viso (Philippe Verdelot); 9. Fuggi, fuggi, cor mio (Philippe Verdelot); 10. Si liet' e grata morte (Philippe Verdelot); 11. Se la dura durezza in la mia donna); (Jacques Arcadelt); 12. Ahime, dov' 'l bel viso); (Jacques Arcadelt); 13. Madonna, s'io v'offendo (Jacques Arcadelt); 14. Il bianco e dolce cigno (Jacques Arcadelt); 15. Donne, vente al ballo (Francesco Patavino); 16. Morir non pu il mio cuore (Maddalena Casulana); 17. Se la mia vita (Luca Marenzio); 18. Mia benigna fortuna (Cipriano de Rore); 19. Anchor che col partire (Cipriano de Rore); 20. O sonno (Cipriano de Rore); 21. Chi la Gagliarda (Giovanni Domenico del Giovane da Nola); 22. Madonna mia famme bon'offerta (Adriaan Willaert); 23. Medici noi siamo (Giovanni Domenico del Giovane da Nola); 24. Quandro sar mai quel zorno (Vincenzo Bell'Haver); 25. Matona mia cara (Roland de Lassus); 26. Tri ciechi siamo (Giovanni Domenico del Giovane da Nola); 27. O Griefe, Even on the Bud (Thomas Morley); 28. When, Loe, by Breake of Morning (Thomas Morley); 29. Aprill Is in My Mistris Face (Thomas Morley); 30. Thule the period of cosmographie (Thomas Weelkes); 31. Sweet Nimphe, Come to Thy Lover (Thomas Morley); 32. Sweet Hony Sucking Bees, madrigal (John Wilbye); 33. Miraculous Love's Wounding (Thomas Morley); 34. Adew, Sweet Amarillis (John Wilbye); 35. Weep, O mine Eyes (John Bennet); 36. Silver Swanne (Orlando Gibbons); 37. O care wilt thou dispatch mee); (Thomas Weelkes); 38. Since Robin Hood (Thomas Weelkes); 39. Fyre and Lightning from Heaven (Thomas Morley); 40. Strike it up tabor, madrigal (Thomas Weelkes); 41. See, See the Shepheards' Queene (Thomas Tomkins); 42. Come, Sable Night (John Ward); 43. Sweet Suffolke Owle (Thomas Vautor); 44. In Nets of Goulden Wyers (Thomas Morley); 45. Draw on Sweet Night (John Wilbye); The Hilliard Ensemble Virgin Veritas x2 7243 5 61671 2
The Triumphs of Oriana Compiled by Thomas Morley 1. The Lady Oriana (John Wilbye); 2. Sing, Shepherds All (Richard Nicholson); 3. Lightly She Whipped O'er The Dales (John Mundy); 4. Calm Was The Air And Clear The Sky (Richard Carlton); 5. Fantasia No. 2 (Holborne); 6. Hence Stars Too Dim Of Light (Michael East)_ ; 7. Come, Gentle Swains And Shephards' Dainty Daughters (Michael Cavendish); 8. With Angel's Face And Brightness (Daniel Norcombe); 9. The Nymphs And Shepherds Danced (George Marson); 10. Galliard (Holborne); 11. All Creatures Now Are Merry Merry-Minded (John Bennett); 12. Fair Nymphs, I Heard One Telling (John Farmer); 13. Fair Oriana, Seeming To Wink At Folly set by (Robert Jones); 14. The Fauns And Satyrs Tripping (Thomas Tomkins); 15. Galliard No.8 (Holborne); 16. Round About Her Charret, With All-admiring Strains (Ellis Gibbons); 17. With Wreaths Of Rose And Laurel (William Cobbold); 18. Thus Bonny-boots The Birthday Celebrated (John Holmes); 19. Long Live Fair Oriana. (Hark did you ever hear?) (Ellis Gibbons); 20. Fantasia No. 3 (Holborne); 21. Arise, Awake, Awake (Thomas Morley); 22. Hark! Did Ye Ever Hear So Sweet A Singing? (Thomas Hunt); 23. Fair Orian In The Morn (John Milton); 24. With Angel's Face And Brightness (George Kirbye); 25. Come, Blessed Bird (Edward Johnson); 26. Galliard (Byrd); 27. Hard By A Crystal Fountain (Thomas Morley); 28. Fair Oriana, Beauty's Queen (John Hilton); 29. Fair Cytherea Presents Her Doves (John Lisley); 30. As Vesta Was From Latmos Hill Descending (Thomas Weelkes) I Fagiolini Chandos Chaconne CHAN 0682
The Triumphs of Oriana Madrigals 1600 1. Arise, Awake, Awake; 2. Hard By A Crystal Fountain; other works by East, Tomkins, Weelkes, Wilbye, Johnson, etc. Pro Cantione Antiqua, London dir.Ian Partridge Archiv 2533 347(LP)
Greensleeves A Collection of English Lute Songs 1. It Was A Lover And His Lass; other works by Dowland, Rosseter, Campion, Holborne, Cavendish, etc Julianne Baird (s); Ronn McFarlane (l) Dorian DOR-90126
The English Lute Song 1. April is in My Mistress' Face; other works by Dowland, Johnson, Campion, Ferrabosco, Brewer, Lanier, etc Julianne Baird (s); Ronn McFarlane (l) Dorian DOR-90109
Blockflötenmusik der Renaissance Recorder Music--England 1. Fantasy of two parts; 2. Fantasia: La Torello; other works by Henry VIII, Taverner, Tye, Bull, Holborne, Ferrabosco II, Ward, Coperario, Lupo, Brade Wiener Blockflötenensemble Das Alte Werke 6.42356AW(LP)
Byrd, Morley, Holborne, Purcell, u. a. Englische Musik für Blockflöten und Gamben-Consort 1. La Girandola; 2. Il Lamento; 3. La Caccia; other works by Holborne, Taverner, Tye, Gibbons, Byrd, Bevin, Simpson, Jeffreys, Purcell Brüggen-consortdir.Frans Brüggen Das Alte Werke 6.41074AS(LP)
Madrigals of Thomas Morley 1. Now is the month of maying; 2. In dew of roses; 3. Shoot, false Love, I care not; 4. Miraculous love's wounding!; 15 others The Deller Consortdir.Alfred Deller Bach Guild (Vanguard) HM4 SD(LP)
"Heavenly Noyse" English Music for Mixed Consort from the Golden Age 1. Joyne Hands; 2. 11/1 The Sacred End Pavan; 3. Now is the Month of May; 4. Fantasia: Il Lamento; others by Byrd, Allison, Philips, Campion, Nicholson, Lupo, Baxter, Holborne, Hume, Dowland Dowland Consortdir.Jakob Lindberg Bis CD-451
The Golden Age of English Cathedral Music 1. Out of the Deep; other works by Weelkes, Byrd, Tallis, Gibbons, Taverner James Lancelot, Winchester Cathedral Choirdir.Martin Neary, Viols of the Consort of Musicke ASV Gaudeamus GAU 119
Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts Funeral Music and Laments from 16th and 17th century England 1. Man That Is Born Of A Woman (Funeral Music for Queen Mary); 2. In The Midst Of Life (Funeral Music for Queen Mary); 3. Thou knowest, Lord, The Secrets Of Our Hearts; 4. I Heard A Voice From Heaven (Funeral Music for Queen Mary); other works by Weelkes, Tomkins, Gibbons, Locke, Purcell, Croft, Greene Choir of Christ's College, Cambridge dir. David Rowland Meridian CDE 84363
The Knight of the Lute - Matthew Wadsworth Music from The Varietie of Lute Lessons 1. Sir John Smith, his Almain, for lute, P 47 (John Dowland); 2. Fantasie, for lute (Gregory Huwet); 3. Pavans for lute (Antony Holborne); 4. The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, her Galliard (Katherine Darcy's Galliard), for lute, P 41 (John Dowland); 5. Volt 1 for lute (Anon.); 6. Fantasie IV (Da Roma Laurencini); 7. Pavin, for lute (Daniel Batchelar); 8. Courante for lute (Robert Ballard); 9. Fantasie composed by the most Artificial & famous for lute (Alfonso Ferrabosco); 10. Pavin (Alfonso Ferrabosco); 11. Coranto for lute No. 6 (from "The Varietie of Lute Lessons, 1610") (Anon.); 12. Courante (Julien Perrichon); 13. Fantasie, for lute (Da Roma Laurencini); 14. Pavin (in honorem Johanni Dowlandi Anglorum Orphei), for lute (Moritz Landgraf Von Hessen); 15. The King of Denmark, his Galliard, for lute, P 40 (John Dowland); 16. Monsieur Saman his Coranto, for lute (Ren Saman); 17. The Right Honourable the Lady Cliftons Spirit for lute, P45 (Robert Dowland); 18. Pavin and galliard, for keyboard in F major (Thomas Morley); 19. The Right Honourable Ferdinando Earl of Derby, his Galliard, for lute (John Dowland) Matthew Wadsworth Channel Classics CCS SA 25408
Elizabethan Lute Songs and Solos   1. Thyrsis and Milla; 2. Come, Sorrow, come; 3. It was a lover and his lass; others by Dowland, Campion, Rosseter, Cutting Frank Patterson (ten), Robert Spencer (l) Philips 6500 282 (LP)
The Golden Age of English Lute Music 1. Pavan; others by John Johnson, Cutting, Dowland, Rosseter, Robert Johnson, Bulman, Batchelar, Holborne Julian Bream (l) RCA Victor LD 2560 (LP)
English Music for the Virginal circa 1600 1. Nancie; 2. Fantasia; others by Tisdall, Bull, Byrd, Randall, Farnaby, Gibbons Gustav Leonhardt (vl and hsd) Das Alte Werke SAWT 9491-A (LP)
Ferdinando Richardson Complete Works for Harpsichord 1. Pavane and Variation in D minor (Richardson); 2. Galliard and Variation in D minor (Richardson); 3. Pavane and Variation in G Major/minor (Richardson); 4. Galliard and Variation in G minor (Richardson); 5. Pavane in A minor (Richardson); 6. Galliard in A minor (Richardson); 7. Allemande (Richardson); 8. Pavane and Galliard for lute in D minor (Morley, arr. Richardson); 9. Fantasia (Ferrabosco I, arr. anon.); 10. Lullaby, my sweet little baby (Byrd, arr. anon); 11. Fantasia (Harding, arr. anon.); 12. Galliard "The Queen's New Year's Gift" (Holborne, arr. anon.); 13. Fantasia (Paradiso, arr. anon.); 14. The Trumpet (Anon.); 15. Wakefield on a green (Anon. [Byrd?]); 16. Upon la mi re (Anon.); 17. Praeludium (El. Kiderminster [Bull?]); 18. Fantasia (Strogers) Glen Wilson (hpsd) Naxos 8.572997
English Music For Harpsichord   1. Melancholy Galliard (Dowland); 2. The Shoemaker's Wife (Dowland); 3. My Lady Hunsdowne's Puffe (Dowland); 4. Pavan FWVB 4 (Ferdinando Richardson); 5. Almand FWVB 14 (Anon.); 6. Dr Bull's Juell FWVB 138 (Bull); 7. In Nomine FWVB 37 (Bull); 8. Walsingham FWVB 1 (Bull); 9. The King's Hunt FWVB 135 (Bull); 10. Bonny Sweet Robin FWVB FWVB 15 (Munday); 11. Alman FWVB 172 ( Morley); 12. The Fall of the Leafe FWVB 172 (Peerson); 13. Galiardas Passamezzo FWVB 57 (Byrd); 14. Nobodys Gigge FWVB 149 (Richard Farnaby); 15. Air (Purcell); 16. Canary (Purcell); 17. Ground (Croft) Zuzana Ruzickova (hpsd) Supraphon SUA ST 50787 (LP)
Altenglische Consortmusik 1. Balowe; 2. Sola Soletta; others by Alison, Holborne, Lawes, Coperario, Strowgers, Ferrabosco II, Robert Johnson, Dowland Konrad Ragossnig (l), The Linde-Consort EMI-Reflexe 1C063-30 105 (LP)
Madrigale und Orgelmusik der Englischen Renaissance   1. The Silver Swan (Gibbons); 2. Now is the month of maying (MorleyThe London Ambrosian Singersdir.John McCarthy Polyhymnia 1995 (LP)
Hochrenaissance Serie M: Die Elisabethanische Epoche 1. O Lord, I lift my heart to Thee (Gibbons); 2. Thus angels sung (Gibbons); 3. Fantasia 1 a 3 (Gibbons); 4. Almighty and everlasting God (Gibbons); 5. O my love, how comely now (Gibbons); 6. Fantasia "In nomine" a 5 (Gibbons); 7. O Lord, increase my faith (Henry Loosemore); 8. This is the record of John (Gibbons); 9. What is our life? (Gibbons); 10. Fantasia II a 3 (Gibbons); 11. The silver swan (Gibbons); 12. Fantasia a 4 (Gibbons); 13. The Cries of London (Gibbons); 14. Good love, the fly thou to her (Morley); 15. Farewell, disdainful (Morley); 16. Farewell, disdainful (Morley); 17. Hark, jolly shepherds, hark (Morley); 18. Now is the gentle season/The fields abroad (Morley); 19. My lovely wanton jewel (Morley); 20. Sweet nymph, come to thy lover (Morley); 21. Stay, heart, run not so fast (Morley); 22. O grief, even on the bud (Morley) Deller Consortdir. Alfred Deller, Gambenconsort der Schola Cantorum Basiliensis dir. August Wenzinger [1-14]; Ambrosian Singers dir. Denis Stevens [15-22] Archiv Produktion 14 056/00289 479 1351

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